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Prabhu Goel

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Dr. Prabhu Goel is known in the EDA industry for the co invention of the Verilog programming language in 1983/1984, while working with Phil Moorby at Automated Integrated Design Systems. The Automated Integrated Design Systems. was renamed to Gateway Design Automation in 1985 and was later acquired by Cadence in 1990.

Prabhu Goel completed his Bachelor degree in Electrical Engineering from IIT Kanpur, India’s leading technology institute. He did his schooling from Nainital and Allahabad in India ( Source – http://www.namasthenri.com/nrioftheweek/prabhu.html).

After completing his bachelors degree, Prabhu Goel moved to US where he received his Ph D from Carnegie Mellon University, USA in 1974.

Prabhu Goel Joined IBM and is known for the development of Podem test program . The Podem (Path Oriented DEcision Making) is based upon the D-Algorithm. The problem with the D Algorithm was that it depends upon the number of internal Circuit nodes which made it exponentially complex. The Podem algorithm expresses the search terms in terms of assignments to the primary inputs only. The number of circuit inputs is a much smaller number than the number of circuit nodes.

The Podem Algorithm earned him 4 patents and many awards including the IBM Corporate Award for innovation.

In 1981 Prabhu Goel joined Wang Labs where where he got the exposure to the commercial EDA industry. The sequences took a natural turn and he left Wang in 1982 and started Gateway Design Automation, which was sold to Cadence for $80 millions.

Dr. Prabhu Goel was the Chairman of Duet Technologies Inc.,  which merged with Tunnelnet to form iPolicy Networks, Inc.

Goel is known not only for his technological achievements but also for his all round personality including corporate management skills and community services. He is still connected to IIT Kanpur, his alma mater. Prabhu was also the initial investor in Tharas Systems as a member of board of directors. He is also connected with Synplicity Inc and few other EDA automation companies.

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