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Problem with OCI Card for kids

One of my friends narrated this story about the recent issue that he faced with the OCI Card ( Overseas Citizen of India) with his kids.

Binod and Kumkum De are both naturalized citizen of United States of America. They came to United States a decade ago. Binod got a decent paying job as he had PhD in chemical Engineering which eventually led him earn the green card in EB1 category, due to his exceptional caliber ( Ha has numerous patents in his name in US). He eventually received the US Citizenship on the completion of the 5 years of stay with the green card.

They finally applied for the OCI Cards for themselves, as, it was required for the travel to India. It was slightly more expensive than the PIO Card, but they did not mind it – as OCI was potentially a “stronger document” than its younger sibling PIO ( Person of Indian Origin).

Binod also has two kids and they are the born citizens of US. They carry US passport which is issued with a validity of 5 years and is required to be renewed every 5 years. The renewal process takes 3 week under normal circumstances but there is expedited service available if required. Binod applied the argument of having the “Stronger Document” – the OCI card in place of the PIO Card. He also receive one and things were going on well till he had to go to India in the summer. He realized that the OCI Card is no longer valid as the validity of the US passport for the corresponding period expired. He had applied for the extension of the US Passport which came to him just before he had to depart to India. The problem – the OCI card was no longer valid with the new passport. He had to get his OCI card renewed. And the Indian Consulate in New York said that it will take 40 days for the extension of the OCI Card.

PIO Cards do not have such problems. They are valid even after the expiry and renewal of the older US passports. PIO Cards are therefore a better options for kids till they reach age of 20 years. Once you are 20 years old, it OCI card may be equally good ( may be better) option.

The short story is – Do not apply for the OCI Cards for your kids. Apply for the PIO cards for them. PIO is cheaper, does not require renewals on the expiry of the US Passport.


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