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RCA 42″ 42PA30RQ Plasma 720p 600Hz HDTV Review

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RCA 42″ 42PA30RQ Plasma 720p 600Hz HDTV is the new high definition television from RCA priced for 400 dollars. This television has 42 inch display and the technology used for manufacturing this television is plasma television technology. The maximum video resolution is 720 pixels. The refreshing rate is 600 Hertz, which is the greatest of the refreshing rate that is supported by any of the televisions that one can get in the market. The response time of this television is very less compared to the other televisions. The brightness value of the television is 500 Candela per square metre. The remote control is also included in the television package.

The maximum resolution that can be supported by the television is 1024 x 768 which is not at par compared to other similar price ranged TV. The vertical and horizontal viewing angle is 176 degrees, that it allows the user to view the television from anywhere in the living room. The clarity and sharpness of the video remains the same if its under the viewing angle of 176 degrees. There is a digitalĀ  tuner that is inbuilt into the television, the tuner can tune to ATSC digital signal or NTSC analog signal. Since the television has its own tuner it can directly receive the Free To Air (FTA) signals via the tuner, and decode the contents and display the same without a help of a settop box.

The dynamic contrast ratio of RCA 42″ 42PA30RQ Plasma 720p 600Hz HD Television is 10,000 : 1 though it is less compared to other televisions that are in market it is more than enough to provide the user the good feel of High Definition television technology. This lacks ability to display 1080 pixel resolution videos, thus the total experience of High Definition television technology is not provided by RCA 42″ 42PA30RQ Plasma 720p 600Hz HD Television. There are a total of three HDMI input ports that are available in RCA 42″ 42PA30RQ Plasma 720p 600Hz HDTV. The HDMI ports are used for providing the HD video, there are also component video input ports and composite video ports. The television is not ultra slim as its thickness is 11.5 inches.

The television clarity and sharpness is ultimate and good compared to the standard television video mode. The game mode support provides a good feel and experience for the user. There are inbuilt speakers in the television RCA 42″ 42PA30RQ Plasma 720p 600Hz HD television, thus the user gets a good audio experience also. The user does not have any options of connecting an USB disc or digital camera via the USB port. There are no inbuilt Ethernet ports or wireless adopter through which the user can connect to Internet. RCA 42″ 42PA30RQ Plasma 720p 600Hz HD Television is the cost effective and good performing.

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