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RCA 7″ Portable DVD Player DRC99371E Review

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RCA 7″ Portable DVD Player DRC99371E is the new portable DVD player that is available in the market for a cost of 49 dollars ( target offer). The DVD player supports wide screen, brightness level varying and anti skip circuitry. The aspect ratio provided by this player is 16 : 9, the screen size of this is only 7 inches. The default and only available display mode is movie mode. The battery backup of this player is up to a maximum of 2 hours. The input power needed for this player is 9 volts Direct Current.

RCA 7″ Portable DVD Player DRC99371E has headphone jack for audio output and audio video output jacks as well. The number of headphone jack that can be connected to the player at the given point of time is one. The power adopter which steps down the 220 V Alternating Current to 9 V Direct current, the car adapter, rechargeable batteries for the player, Audio video adopter cables and the manual are the things that comes together as a package for this player. The warranty period of this player is limited to only 90 days which boils down to three months and the warranty covers both replacement of the spare parts and labor incurred.

RCA 7″ Portable DVD Player DRC99371E also has capabilities for playing different audio video formats. The visual formats that are supported for play back are the following, CD, CD read, CD read / write, dvd + read, dvd + read / write and DVD. This is very less in weight and also it is portable. This allows the user to carry it wherever he wants it. This mainly will help a person who often travels lot of time and to kill time needs some entertainment on the way. This is rechargeable so if he has some pairs of rechargeable batteries he can simply travel the whole distance watching movies.

RCA 7″ Portable DVD Player DRC99371E does not have any Ethernet cables so there is no possibility for the user to connect to Internet and browse or stream on – line videos. There is no wireless support either, so there is no possibility of setting up a small home network. This is not DLNA connectivity also, basically this can be used as a standalone entity for entertainment. The maximum disc capacity of this player is one. There are inbuilt speakers also which the user can use or prefer the headphone output if he wants more clarity and clear audio. The cost is so cheap for the portability and on the fly entertainment that we get from this product the cost is very less and affordable. If you travel a lot and need some entertainment on the fly please do choose this player and you wont regret doing it.

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