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Revised GRE – From August 2011

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Revised GRE is adopted by ETS from August 2011 onwards for nullifying the effect of small performance difference between applicants. The new test has the following changes.

1. A score pattern of 120 to 170 with 1 mark increment for each correct answers
2. This change reflects for verbal & quantitative sections
3. Essay will be graded on 0 to 6 as in the previous exam style with a 0.5 increment.

Impacts & scopes

1. Helps to narrow the difference between the performances
2. Admission process will be difficult even with minor score differences.
3. New pattern ensures sharp evaluation for performance
4. Easy to grade excellent performances without feel of prejudice.

Other changes include permission to use your own calculators for the exam. The old 200 to 800 score pattern with 10 point increment will never allow you to roll back previous and next questions without marking a response. But the new scheme allows much flexibility. But people think there will be more tough questions to expect. There are no more antonyms & synonym. This is pleasant news to most applicants. These questions are replaced by reading comprehension questions.
The latest exam pattern puts interesting offers for the applicants in context of exam fee. There is 50% for those taking exam for August 2011. With the rush of applicants to take the exam, you’re advised to register immediately and select a date. Otherwise there is difficulty in getting your date choice or even official suggestions from ETS. August – September months are always in rush of applicants due to the exam finish & new entry time for most colleges. Taking the advantage of this transition season will be advantageous for you. A strong GRE score can fetch premium quality foreign education.

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