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Ruby Heartbreaker, aka Karmina El Mahroug

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No, this is not a fictional story but a real scandal that is taking place in Milan, Italy.  The two players in this scandal is  Ruby Heartbreaker, aka Karmina El Mahroug, and Silvio Berlusconi.  At the time she was 17 years of age and he was 74 years of age.


When they met, Ruby Heartbreaker told him that she was 24 years of age.  In Italy, the age of consent is 14 years of age.  If she is between 14 and 17 years of age and is paid for sex, whether it be money or gifts, it is considered prostitution. It does not have to be actual sexual intercourse happening but could just be fondling or caressing.   Being convicted of prostitution is a criminal offense and is punishable up to three years in prison.


This scandal began to unfold when Ruby Heartbreaker attended a Valentine party given by the Italian Prime Minister at his Villa San Martino, which is his home at Arcore near Milan.  She had been invited by the Prime Minister’s best friend Emilio Fede.

According to Ruby Heartbreaker the following statements are true.


•    She has never been to the Prime Minister’s home in Rome.

•    Stated that nothing untold took place and that she thought of him as a “kindly father figure” and that the parties were nothing more than innocent dinners.

•    The evening (Valentine’s Day) started out with a dinner and music by the Prime Minister’s singing partner, and he gave her two CD’s.

•    After dinner Berlusconi invited everyone downstairs into the bunga bunga room which he said referred to a harem,

•    The Prime Minister took her into a room and made it clear that her life would change if she agreed to take part in the bunga bunga.

•    Berlusconi did not specifically say to have sex but he made it clear that he was asking me to have sex with him and she asked to be taken home.

•    He told her that he had a present for her, which was $46,000 Euro in an envelope.

•    He gave Ruby Heartbraker a Lockman watch.

•    The parties would all end with approximately 30 women diving into the pool naked.


The “innocent” liaisons between Ruby Heartbreaker and the Italian Prime Minister lasted from Valentine’s Day until May, 2010.  These innocent meetings came to the public’s attention when Karima El Mahroug was picked up by the police on theft charges and the Italian Prime Minister abused his position to get her out of jail.  He told the police that Ruby Heartbreaker was the granddaughter if Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak and she should be freed on all charges.


The prosecutors are saying that they are convinced that the reason Berlusconi wanted her to be freed for two different reasons.


1.                  The Italian Prime Minister was afraid that Ruby Heartbreaker would reveal all the details of his parties.

2.                  He did not want anyone to know that he was aware that she was only 17 years of age and a minor when she attended his parties between February to May.


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