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Samsung B2030 LCD Monitor Review

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Samsung B2030 LCD Monitor is the latest LCD desktop monitor that is available in the market from Samsung the Korean multinational company who is into consumer electronics product manufacturing. The VGA and DVI cables, Samsung B2030 LCD Monitor and owner’s manual are the things that get packaged as the product that the user gets for a cost of 140 dollars. This monitor has a quick response time of 5 milliseconds and the screen size of this LCD monitor measures 20 inches. The contrast ratio offered by this monitor is 1000 : 1 and and the figure for the dynamic contrast ratio is 50, 000 : 1.

Samsung Syncmaster B2030 could be a good companion for your desktop if you can find it in deals. Picture courtsey, Samsung.

The brightness offered by this monitor measures 250 candela per square meters. The maximum display resolution of this monitor is 1600 X 900 pixels. The horizontal viewing angle supported by this monitor is 170 degrees whereas the vertical viewing angle measures 160 degrees. This monitor is energy stay certified thus it is Eco friendly and consumes less power, in simple words its energy efficient. This monitor is compatible with both PC and MAC machines. There is no Antiglare coating available in this monitor which is a major disadvantage as there will be lot of disturbances while viewing the content on the monitor in a bright environment as there will be lot of glare to which the user will be exposed to.

Samsung B2030 LCD Monitor does not have any built in speakers like few other monitors so the user cant listen to audio on the monitor and they need to have separate speakers with their PC to listen to the audio delivered by the PC. This monitor can take VGA input along with DVI input and DVI D with HDCP inputs but this monitor fails to take any HDMI input. The user can tilt the monitor as per their wish, this has no touch screen features enabled. This monitor consumes less space then the conventional CRT monitors and also consumes less power compared to them. The life of this monitor is really high compared to the CRT monitors. The user gets ultimate watching experience while using this monitor to play games or watch movies thanks to the LCD display technology which gives higher quality and clarity. There are also front panel keys available in this monitor which can be used by the user to change the parameters of the monitor such as brightness, width, contrast and height and few other parameters. This monitor is the best fit for both personal and office purpose. This saves your electricity bill to a great extent as the as it consumes less power and provides the user the best monitor available for a lesser cost.

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