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Samsung Craft SCH R-900 Review

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Samsung has recently launched Craft SCH-r900, the world’s first 4G LTE phone, for MetroPCS,  to take the lead in next generation of mobile phones.  The Craft is the first device to support LTE network. It operates on CDMA networks, as well. The outstanding device, loaded with heavily spelled features in its pocket, is available with a price tag of $299.99.

The design of Samsung Craft SCH-r900 is based on the same styling as that of its bulky predecessors. Though bulky, it carries a pocket full of attributes. The device is enclosed with a glossy plastic. The red ting is seen towards the rear side when viewed through certain angle which carries the Samsung brand along with 4G logo. The Samsung Craft SCH-r900 handset comes with a weight of 3.74 OZ with the thickness of 0.60”. Not so very appealing device but it can be a perfect device to be carried while traveling which is embedded with LTE network. Towards the rear end we will see the 3.2 megapixel camera with LED flash along with self-focusing mirror which is attributed with auto-focus feature. The speaker notches are embedded towards the rear end beside the slot of megapixel camera. The cover is easily removable which leads to phone battery as well as the slot for holding SIM card.

The most tempting attribute of Samsung Craft SCH-r900 is its 3.3” AMOLED touchscreen display which is embedded with WVGA resolution. The resolution is as fine as 480 X 800 which abides with 262k colors. The luxuriant and sharp color tones are splashed. It features good visibility through various angles but looses this attribute in bright sun light. Its most appealing feature is the clear visibility of the smallest text on the screen. Three keys are physically located below the touchscreen for various functions like sending, end call and back key whose functioning is very smooth. The revered layout of QWERTY keyboard offers the separate row for numeric functions and the arrow keys as well as uniformly sized keys which makes input very easy.

The basic features loaded with the Samsung Craft SCH-r900 handset are memo pad, calendar, stop watch, alarm clock, world clock, a tip calculator, calculator as well as a converter. The attributes further extends to an address book storage space for 2000 contact numbers and 21 polyphonic ringtones. The device is additionally featured with Wi-Fi connectivity, music player and Bluetooth functionality. It also provides a slot to accommodate 32GB microSD card and is preloaded with 2GB memory card. The unique 4G LTE services gives out the monthly package starting from $55 which includes unlimited talk and data usage. An additional payment of $5 per month will facilitate the access to 18 streaming video channels.

The Samsung Craft SCH-R900 from Metro PCS is the advanced Smartphone added with 4G LTE functionality that draws attention of every potential buyer.

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