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Samsung HMX-E10 HD pocket camcorder-Initial Review

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Samsung HMX-E10 HD is the new latest sensation from Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd which is the world wide leader in digital media and by this new innovation it added a great system to its point and shoot camcorder list. Samsung HMX-E10 HD pocket camcorder is provided with 270-degree swiveling lens by which the user can enjoy his creativity and shoot from any angle as his desire with brilliant and full High definition resolution. Even this lens helps the user to come into the play rather than waiting behind the camcorder and enjoy with family or friends.

Samsung HMX-E10 HD pocket camcorder is set to rule the hearts of the user by giving very user friendly options like USB port function, which helps the user to share his content very easily without any hard work. This function will connect the camcorder directly to the PC without any use of USB cable, making easy for user to share his content. Even with this USB function battery can also be charged, so this makes even powerful.

Sanglin Park, the president of Digital Imaging Business, Samsung Electronics conveyed that Samsung HMX-E10 HD pocket camcorder is made in keeping my mind that it should be completely user friendly and they can enjoy while recording their lovely moments. As a result this new sensationally camcorder just not bought common things like great image quality, USB technology and compact design but also a new features  like powerful LCD, swiveling lens and brilliant filters option, which will help the user to come out great.

The new Samsung HMX-E10 HD pocket camcorder is having a great features like USB function which will make work easy for sharing, and another function intelli studio which will make more easy for user, this function will help the user to play and edit his content without any particular software which we experience commonly, so that user can use this camcorder while traveling or at any place directly to any computer not just sticking to his personal computer which has particular software. Even uploading the video to the website is very easy with this camcorder, just by one touch user can directly upload the video and reduces the time for user and any work.


Samsung HMX-E10 HD pocket camcorder will shoot the video with brilliant and great quality by using a powerful 1/3.2 inch CMOS sensor. The resolution is 1920×1080 which looks great and 8 miga pixel digital images. This camcorder is provided with tough 2.7-inch wide LCD with touch screen facility which placed vertically, the LCD screen is divided into two portions, the top portion will allow the user to see what he is aiming and bottom portion will allow the user to handle the modes to edit, play and stop.

The Samsung HMX-E10 HD pocket camcorder is equipped with great controls and filters, which help the user to work with videos easily. The effects like miniature and vignetting will help to tilt and lens shift effect and lomo effect respectively. The color effects which many users like to edit is brilliant in this camcorder with sketch mode which allows user to make his video like pencil drawing and defog mode to fun with the CPL filter. With all this great features this camcorder is priced around $199.99 and will be launched in September 2010 with black or white. Enjoy using this camcorder.

Pros and cons Samsung HMX-E10 HD pocket camcorder

We have to wait a bit because the camcorder is yet launch. From specification it seems its worth the money. However, it was seen Samsung down their initial price after few months of launching product.

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