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Samsung Intercept Review

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Samsung has recently launched its basic purpose Android phone known as Samsung Intercept. It is a stylish smart phone having 3.2 inches touch screen and a QWERTY keyboard sliding out from the rear side. This device with smooth operative touch screen is loaded with Android 2.1 mobile operating system and is exhibits several attributes.

Intercept from Samsung is a sleek and light weight device. The elegant front looks attractive with glossy border whereas the upper half is lined with chrome accents. The rear portion of the phone is coated in gray with an option for pink coat as well. Below the screen, an array of buttons providing easy access for menu, search, home and back are available. On the right, the phone is inscribed with a 3.5 mm headphone jack and a button to operate camera. While on the left side there is the volume control and a microSD slot. The battery of Samsung Intercept can be charged via the Micro-USB port at the top. Though the sliding keyboard is not that smooth, it is embedded with raised and smooth edged keys which facilitate easy input. On other hand, the virtual keyboard is easily accessible either in portrait layout or in landscape layout which gives added convenience. The Intercept possesses internal memory of 256MB and is preloaded with a 2GB memory card that can be upgraded upto 32GB.

Samsung Intercept has Android 2.1 operating system at its core. The smart Intercept is programmed with voice based navigation system based on Google maps. But the TouchWiz interface that is standard across all the Samsung models is missing in this Intercept version. The Android OS supports various applications such as Gmail, YouTube and calendar. Instant messaging is supported via Google Talk. It is a Bluetooth enabled device with Wi-Fi connectivity. The Intercept under the hood is equipped with a powerful processor having speed of 800 MHz to deliver blazing performance and vibrant colorful images.

The 3.2 inch touch screen associated with Samsung’s Intercept model is kind of small and featuring a resolution of 400 x 240 pixels. This level of image resolution is not so appealing but can be said to provide decent image clarity and brightness with a drawback of losing visibility in bright sunlight. Samsung Intercept boasts the use of completely biodegradable material. Upto 40% of its case is built with Bio-Plastic material. Additionally, it gets its power from a Lithium ion battery with a capacity of 1500 mAh. This battery offers a talk time of 5.5 hours that can be extended upto 300 hours on standby mode.

With all the pros and cons associated with Samsung Intercept, it can survive in the market as a basic purpose and stylish smart phone offering a best deal of $249.99 integrated with a 2 year tariff contract of $25, $40 or $60.

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