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Samsung LN22C350D1D LCD TV Review

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Samsung LN22C350D1D LCD TV is the 22 inch LCD television from Samsung, who is a world leader in consumer electronics. Samsung LN22C350D1D LCD TV is a 720 pixel High definition LCD television, which works at a refresh rate of 60 Hertz. Samsung LN22C350D1D LCD TV costs close to 330 Dollars, Samsung LN22C350D1D LCD TV, remote for the television, user manual and the stand are the things that comes. Samsung LN22C350D1D LCD TV has designed keeping wall mounting pattern in mind and it reflects on the television as it is ultra slim and thus enabling it to be mounted on wall. There are two ports at the rear end of the television one for HDMI and another for PC input. There is also an USB port which can be used to connect the Digital camera and browse through the pictures in it or to connect an USB mass storage device and play movies or music files from the USB mass storage device. The USB mass storage device can be a pen drive or it can even be an external Hard disk.

Samsung LN22C350D1D LCD TV comes with one year warranty for parts and labor, The television has LCD flat panel which can be mounted on wall. The mount pattern is 100 millimeter X 100  millimeter. The aspect ratio of this particular television is 16 : 9. 15,000 : 1 is the dynamic contrast ratio supported by  Samsung LN22C350D1D LCD TV. Samsung LN22C350D1D LCD TV can not be connected to Internet as there is no wireless adapter or Ethernet port through which it can do a data sharing. The power consumed by Samsung LN22C350D1D LCD TV in normal working mode is 35.5 watts and in standby it is 0.5 watts. The height of Samsung LN22C350D1D LCD TV with the stand is close to 16.5 inches and without the stand is 14.5 inches. The depth of the television with the stand is 6.5 inches and without the stand the depth is just 3.25 inches. Samsung LN22C350D1D LCD TV does not have a iPod docket either. DVI ports, component video ports and composite input ports are not present in Samsung LN22C350D1D LCD TV. Samsung LN22C350D1D LCD TV has enhanced video clarity and audio clarity. The black color is displayed with good amount of sharpness compared to the content displayed in other televisions. The video processor in Samsung LN22C350D1D LCD TV operates at a speed which is comparatively higher while comparing it with the other television. This enables Samsung LN22C350D1D LCD TV to display High action scenes and fast moving scenes smoothly. Since Samsung LN22C350D1D LCD TV is ultra slim it does not consume much of the space in your living room and also it is environment friendly as this meets the energy star requirements.

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