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Samsung RF-510 Notebook Review

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The Samsung RF510 is a high end notebook powered by quad core Intel Core i7-720QM. Its 15.6″ screen and 4GB RAM makes it an attractive buy in deals. The notebook can also be used for moderate level gaming as, it is powered by Nvidia GeForce 330M. Let us take a look at individual components in detail.


The Intel Quad core i7-720QM that powers the Samsung Samsung RF510 is nominally clocked at 1.6 GHz. The i7-720QM has Maximum Turbo Frequency of 2.8 GHz. The Turbo boost function temporarily increases the frequency of the core ( one core at a time) to cater for the increased demand in the processing power.

The i7-720QM has a whopping 6 GB Intel Smart Cache. With hyperthreading enabled we are looking for 8 threads running in parallel, significantly enhancing the performance in the multi threaded environment. The dual channel Integrated Memory Controller further improves the performance.

RAM and Hard Disk

Samsung RF-510 comes with 4 GB of hard disk. This is more than enough for your daily needs, including high performance computing. The operating system takes up 1 GB of RAM, leaving 3 GB for the applications. The hard is 640 GB, possibly of the the highest available in the mobile computing environment at the time of writing.

USB 3.0

Starredreviews does not mention USB, as part of the review. However, Samsung RF-510 makes an exception – its USB is the next generation USB 3.0 which will have significantly faster data rate compared to the existing USB 2.0. This will be helpful, for example, if you plan to use an external USB 3.0 hard disk.


Display in Samsung RF-510 is 15.6 inch in size and has 1366 x 768 in resolution. The screen gives out crisp colors and sharp edges. However, samsung would have possibly done better with 17.3″ display in such specifications. If you are looking for a bigger display, you may like to look at other notebooks. The display is powered by Nvidia GeForce 330m with 1GB RAM.

Other Features

The most notable other feature is the HDMI port, which will let you display the content of the notebook on a LCD TV or a projector. The webcam comes integrated with the Samsung RF-510. The 6 Cell Lithium Ion battery has been advertised to last 4 hours.

Samsung RF-510 is available at more competitive price compared to other notebooks with similar specifications. Samsung has slowly built its reputation as a quality customer goods manufacturer and its entry into the laptop segments is expected to generate good interest in the customers.

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