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Samsung SGH T249 Review

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Samsung SGH T249 is a traditional makeup of blunt edged sleek design with a vertical slider. It is a user friendly device, efficient to economically deal with messaging and calls. It gets this lighter weight of 3.2 oz and the dimension of 3.90 X 1.90 X 0.60 from the earlier version of T mobile series.  It is a budget phone carrying a price tag of $49.99 with not too many features associated with it. Still, it is most attractive looking model with a shiny black face lined with glossy navy blue expression.

SGH T249 version from Samsung is featured with 1.7 inch display which offers the image resolution of 220 X 176 pixels. The color display supports an array of 65,000 colors. The small screen features crisp images with bright coloration which is not the case with text characters. Beneath the screen you will find a row of three buttons that are functional for Talk, Clear and End. The large circular central button is outlined with four direction indicator. The front face vertically slides out a dial pad. Similar to all the other vertical sliding phones, any array of flat keys is embedded on the dial pad. The minus point of it is its close alignment and the keys are tough to be pressed.

Towards the back end of Samsung T249 you will see a 1.3 MP camera whose control is mounted on the right side of the phone. The arrangement seems outdated, but can instantly trigger the click. The right end is embedded with a Micro USB port that functions as a charging port as well as a jack for your headphone. Towards the left end of the phone is the assembly of volume control and a microSD card slot. This slot is featured to handle a memory card of 16 GB. It has a capacity to store multiple numbers and email addresses of 1000 contact entries.

The T249 prepaid phone is limited to basic operations like alarm timer, reminder, notepad, calendar, stopwatch, world clock, calculator, unit converter as well as a voice recorder. The speaker phone is efficient to emit loud and clear sound. Samsung T249 is equipped with Bluetooth connectivity that enables easy transfer of images, songs and video clips. Web browsing is easy with Web2Go WAP browser which allows instant messaging through Yahoo Messenger, AIM and Windows Live Messenger. Text messaging and MMS operations are easy too. The T249 model allows you to store 10 playlists.

Samsung SGH T249 is a basic purpose stylish phone available with an affordable price tag of $49.99. Basically it is a good phone to serve the basic needs of communication. The SGH T249 gets its power through Lithium ion battery with the capacity of 800 mAh which offers the talk time of 4.50 hours and a stand by time of 312 hours.  The only drawback with the phone is the sharing of charging port with headset.

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