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Samsung ST600 dual view compact camera

Latest sensation from compact cameras is Samsung ST600 dual view camera, which is having an awesome 14.2MP. Samsung ST600 dual view camera is having great features like 5x image stabilized zoom with 27mm equivalent lens with a touch-screen interface which made easy for use. This system is very stylishly designed, features which are easy to use and smart, and a dual LCD technology, with these all combined features it looks in the top.

The new feature in Samsung ST600 dual view camera is front LCD screens, which measure 1.8 ” when compared with its predecessors slights big and this front LCD screen will be activated by a simple tap. With this new feature now it’s so easy for users to take their own snaps or video very easily with correct frame and even they can share easily their place in the image with their friends by coming out of from behind the camera. This new camera is stylishly made with slim look and compact frame with a metallic finish. Purple color makes this beautiful piece too beauty which makes user to use it with good mood.

SJ Park, President of Samsung Digital Imaging Division said about new Samsung ST600 dual view camera as user friendly and its launch will make their market even up. In his views, this camera is not bringing any strange feature to the customer because they are performing it from early but now it will make easy by making a correct snap by watching on LCD.

High Quality Lenses

Samsung ST600 dual view camera is equipped with high quality Schneider Kreuznach lenses which will help the consumers to take a blur free and neat images. This new machine is having a 5x optical zoom with 27mm wide angle focal length, to easy the work for consumer.

The new Samsung ST600 dual view camera is more comfortable to user than anyone, its features like Smart Auto makes it perfect for any user to take a great snap every time . By selecting Smart Auto feature the machine will guess the correct and great shot, this image will be correct in every composition such as best color and brightness.

The front LCD screen of Samsung ST600 dual view camera has a couple’s mode, which will take a snap by detecting the two faces automatically and another good feature like playing cartoon animation to encourage the young once to look at the camera. There are so many good features which will rate this new piece highly, like a jump shot mode by activating this mode camera will detect the correct shot in air.

Samsung ST600 dual view camera includes a User Interface feature which is very useful and which removes a common problem of difficult in viewing snapped images, this features will help to access key features very easily by hand gesture or simple tilt. Swiping on screen by using fingers or tilting the device, easily user can scroll through images. With these all good features this piece is priced at $329.99 now chose this phone and enjoy your life great moments.

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