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Samsung TL500 10MP Digital Camera Review

About Samsung TL500 10MP Digital Camera

Samsung is one of the world leaders when it comes to producing electronics. So, when they release a new digital camera model into the market, people are compelled to listen and take a closer look. The same thing is the case with the Samsung TL500 10MP digital camera. If you want to learn more about the features of this digital camera, then make sure to read more from the review below.

The Samsung TL500 10MP digital camera looks like it is built for the pro. But don’t be deceived since this one offers entry-level features and operation that newbies will gladly make use of. In addition, it is perfect for photo enthusiasts who loathe the idea of carrying around heavy and massive DSRLs. It is incorporated with the ultra-wide 24mm F1.8 lens that comes with up to 3x zooming capacity. The camera is built with a 1/1.7-inch CCD sensor that is sensitive enough when picking up light, such that you can capture quality photos even with limited lighting conditions.

The camera comes with 3-inch rotating AMOLED screen such that you can gain maximum control over the framing of your photos. You can even feel like a pro and shoot from crazy or creative angles you can think of. It also comes with a 10-megapixel resolution to deliver the highest quality photos. The large sensors translate to superior quality photos, which is higher than most point and shoot cameras available in the market today. There is also a dual image stabilization feature available that enables you to attach external flash to accommodate whatever type of shooting condition there is.

The Samsung TL500 10MP digital camera also offers an HD video feature that offers up to 640 x 480 30/fps. This one lacks software support for Mac users though, which prevents you from incorporating post-processing editing of the images captured with this camera. A RAW file editing software is available for download in Samsung’s website, though.

Pro’s of  Samsung TL500 10MP Digital Camera

*There is a wide range of controls available that will enable newbies and veterans to experiment with the shooting options;

*It captures superior quality photos and videos;

*The camera body is smaller than most point and shoot cameras, which therefore make it quite handy to bring with you for travels and adds portability;

*Sensitive sensor can produce quality images even with the darkest conditions.

Con’s of  Samsung TL500 10MP Digital Camera

*The video quality is rather mediocre in quality;

*The zooming capacity of this camera is quite limited.

Pricing Details

For those who are interested in getting the Samsung TL500 10MP digital camera, you need to shell out $449 to get this one. This is the estimated price for leading online retailers. Make sure to shop around to get the best price.

The Bottom Line

Samsung TL500 10MP digital camera makes an excellent choice for anyone who are hesitant about paying large sum of money on a DSLR. After all, this one has got enough choices of control options to deliver the same high quality photos and entry-level functionalities.

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