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Samsung U5 2GB MP3 Player Review

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Samsung U5 2GB Red MP3 Player is the new MP3 player that can provide you music entertainment during traveling and help you kill time when you are needed to do the same. This MP3 player is priced with a tag price of 36 dollars and the manufacturer is the world famous Consumer electronics manufacturing firm Samsung who is a Japanese based multinational company. This MP3 player can play MP3, OGG and WMA formats. DNSe 3.0 technology is in implemented in this MP3 player which provides simulated surround effect to the user who are listening to the music on the headphones.

There is OLED display present in this Samsung U5 2GB music player which has a display size of 1 inch and the screen resolution of this display is 128 X 64 pixels. This music player also has FM capabilities and there are 30 FM station presets supported in this player. Along with FM, there is also voice recording feature that is present in this music player. The voice recording is done at a rate of 128 kilo bits per second.

Samsung U5 2GB player has an embedded microphone, which serves as the device that captures your voice when you enable voice recording. This player has the personal character GUI (Graphical User Interface ) feature that allows the user to have customized character GUI. The total battery backup provided by this player measures up to 20 hours of continuous audio playback.

Samsung U5 2GB Red MP3 Player can support voice recording for a maximum of up to 10 hours. There is a built in USB port in this music player, which forms the connecting bridge between the player and your Personal computer or Laptop. There is also an audio equalizer that is present in this player with six preset settings and one user customizable setting. There is a built in clock that is available in this player which help the user to check the time on the music player. The total memory of this player is 2 giga bytes and it provides the user enough space to store up to a maximum of 500 songs. Stereo output mode is supported in this music player and different playback modes like repeat shuffle, one track repeat and repeat all are available in this music player.

The battery used is rechargeable type lithium polymer batteries. Samsung U5 2GB player is compatible with windows XP, windows vista and windows seven operating systems. The disadvantage is that there is no memory extension feature supported and also this does not have touch screen capabilities. The factory equalizer settings which are preset are Normal, Dance, R & B, concert, Studio and Rock. This player can provide the user ultimate music hearing experience while they are traveling or when jogging or doing exercise. This is the best music player in terms of performance and the cost is very less.

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