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Samsung UN55C6300 55 Inch LED TV

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When it comes to quality LCD TVs you can not miss three manufacturers – the Sony, LG and Samsung. While I personally believe that Sony had a brand name advantage and they do win in terms of long lasting quality, they are also more expensive by couple of hundred of dollars. Of course, there are other brands including Toshiba, Vizio, Philips and Mitsubishi, but if you wish to restrict yourself in terms of brand, quality and price affordability it is suggested that you restrict yourself to 3 or 4 brands to limit your choice.

It is possible that you are tempted to avail of the opportunity for the items on sale and may like to grab whatever may come. This has its own advantage, the most obvious being the price. But you also save the hassle of going through a lot of research in deciding which one to buy. The disadvantage of blindly buying a sale item is the dubious quality. Manufacturers, usually get the items with poorer quality out by offering them in sale and they get rid of the inventory.

Back to the review – A little details about the part number UN55C6300 – the 55 in the part number UN55C6300, obviously refer to the size of the TV and C6300 is a variation in this series of which there are few more – C6400, 6400, 67000 and C8000. The C7000 and C8000 are 3D TVs and you may like to explore other 3D TVs if that is your interest. It is beyond the scope of this review to mention about the 3D TVs.

The C6300 lacks the internet TV capability while C6400 and C6500 do have them. The C6500 improves upn the contrast ratio at 5,000,000:1 compared to 4,000,000:1 in C6300 and C6400. In real world and for common user, it is however, hard to distinguish a 4,000,000:1 contrast ration from a 5,000,000:1 contrast ratio. Other than that the specifications are mostly same for the varations and C6500, obviously, is more expensive.

The LED TVs has generally the advantage of being slim and lighter than their LCD counterparts. And one disadvantage of this is that they tend to have less room for larger speakers resulting is poorer sound quality. The speaker quality in the Samsung UN55C6300 should not affect if you are a casual TV watcher and a casual listener, but if  you are sensitive to quality sound, you may like to invest in a Home theater system.

The advances in the technology takes its toll in the real life feelings and the front buttons of the Samsung UN55C6300 is not an exception. There is a trend in the design of touch screen type of buttons and many users find it terrible. People are used to “feel” the real button that they can hold and push with the fingers. In the Samsung UN55C6300, the front buttons are kind of a touchscreen – similar to the screen of iPhone. It expects that you touch it a the right place and the button activates. Users have found that many time, you do not have the right feeling and you end up touching at wrong place, sending out unintended signals. The lack of the “feel” for the button is one serious lacuna.

Another concern about the UN55C6300 is lack of the uniform back lighting. Samsung  UN55C6300  uses edge lit LED backlighting  which obviously had a great contrast ratio ( it gooes like 4 or 5 million :1 Vs few thousand :1 in LCD TVs). However, it has a drawback in a special scenario where the picture you are watching does not full the whole area of the display. In such scenario the you will observe the edge lighting in the corners. This is a general problem in all edge lighting TVs is partially resolved in the  full array LED backlit TVs.

Quick Facts
– Full HD 1080p resolution
– 4 HDMI Connectors
– 1 Component video input
– 1 VGA PC input on the back
– 2 USB on rear side
– 1 Ethernet connector on the back
– Audio – 15 Watts x 2
– 120 Hz Refresh Rate ( Samsung calls it clear motion rate)

In the 55 inch LCD TV sphere we have gathered some comparable TVs with 1080p resolution and their ratings gathered from three sources. It is presented to the users for comparison.

Table : 55 Inch LED TV Ratings

TV Model
Amazon Test Freaks
Best Buy
Average Score
Samsung     UN55C6300 8.46 9.2 8.8 8.82
Toshiba    55UX600U 8.42 9.3 Not Available 8.86
VIZIO     XVT553SV 8.64 8.3 Not Available 8.47
Sony BRAVIA     KDL55NX810 8.93 8.8 10.0 9.24
LG     55LE5400 7.40 8.9 9.2 8.50

The Philips     55PFL7705D/F7 and Mitsubishi     LT-55164 are two other TVs that we did not included in the above table because of the lack of the data.

A note on calculation of the rating. The rating from the Amazon has been calculated by taking the average of the 5 star, 4 star , 3 star, 2 star and 1 star rating and taking the average. It has been multiplied by 2 to get rating out of a scale of 10.  As an example the Samsung UN55C6300 had 30 5 start ratings, 9 4 star ratings, 3 3-star rating, 2 2-start ratings and 4 1-star rating for an average of 4.23 rating which, on the scale of 10 gives out 8.46 rating. The Amazon rating are expected to change over the time as more users rate and this rating is only valid at the time of writing.

Test Freaks is another site that aggregates the rating. Best buy does not has the rating for all of  the TVs listed, nonetheless, we have taken them into account, as they provide useful signal.

Comparing these ratings, we find that, finally arriving at the rating is also a matter of a mixture of art and science. We However, would like to come up with some data rather than no data. Readers are further encouraged to explore further making it the basis of further investigation. Pricing is another component that you will have to take into account before arriving at the decision.

Here are quick Pros and Cons

Samsung UN55C6300 Pros

– 4,000,000:1 contrast ratio ( most LED TVs come like 3,000,000 :1)
– Good Picture quality
– Very thin – 1.2″ – just a little over an inch.

Samsung UN55C6300 Pros
– Buttons on the front are touch type and confusing
– No separate composite Video Input.
– Edge Lit LED issue with the contents that are partial.
– Audio is decent but you may need Surround Sound System.

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