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Samsung UN60C6400RFXZA HDTV review (Samsung UN60C6400RF)

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Samsung UN60C6400RFXZA is the newest 60 inch HDTV that will be suitable for you large drawing room. It comes with full HD 1080p resolution. In fact, almost all the 40 inch and larger TVs come with the full HD 1080p resolution, and we have started seeing 1080p resolution even in some of the smaller TVs. The full HD resolution has become a de facto standard and it is there to stay.

As part of the Samsung UN60C6400RFXZA HDTV review, we present a brief specification and the list of available connectivity features extracted from its full specification. We expect that this will serve as a quick reference, if you are planning to buy this LCD HDTV.

Quick Specificatins

– 60 inch diagonal size
– Full HD (1920 x 1080) , 1080p resolution
– 120Hz Refresh Rate
– LED backlit
– 4,000,000:1 Dynamic Contrast Ratio
– Web apps enabled, so you can browse through the applications.

The 120 Hz refresh rate will give you smooth fast moving videos. The display in the Samsung UN60C6400RFXZA is crisp with its 4,000,000:1 Dynamic Contrast Ratio.

There are two ways you can connect to view the web Applications in the Samsung UN60C6400RFXZA HDTV – One is the through the wired LAN connector and other is through wireless connectivity. The Samsung UN60C6400RFXZA HDTV is Wi-fi Ready but you will need LinkStick adapter to take advantage of this feature.


– 4 HDMI Input
– One components and 1 Composite Video Imput
– 1 VGA Input ( for connecting to Computer), and a PC Audio
– 1 Ethernet
– 2 USB 2.0
– 1 RF Connector ( 75 Ohm for Antenna or Cable TV)
– One Optical Audio Output

You may see that the Samsung UN60C6400RFXZA HDTV comes will practically all the connectivity options that your expect in a modern HDTV TV. It is great to see 4 HDMI, even if you may not be using all of them. It has a VGA input that you can use to connect to your notebook in case you need.

You can use the pictures and video stored in the USB pen drive by hooking it directly to Samsung UN60C6400RFXZA HDTV.

Samsung UN60C6400RFXZA HDTV is DLNA certified, so you can wirelessly synchronize your notebook of PC for full screen playability.

If you are looking at a larger screen TV, Samsung UN60C6400RFXZA HDTV deserves a serious look.

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