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Samsung X520 notebook review

Last updated May 28, 2011

The new X series laptops launched by Samsung is all about mobility, the model with highest specification in this category is Samsung X 520. The new X 520 Samsung laptop has a 15.6 inch display and a great capacity six cell battery, thus its weight of 2.2 kg is worth it. However its build is reasonably compact with 32.4 mm thickness and 382 mm width. It has a spanking LED backlit display having a glossy covering giving you the dazzling flamboyant images. Its great 1366 x 768 resolution will surely lure the movie lovers.

The base unit of the laptop has a thin silver rim around it giving it a little tacky look. Its three close by USB ports may sometime look inconvenient to the use but an extension USB could be used to solve this problem.  Though there’s no PC Card slot or Express Card, but has VGA and HDMI outputs.

Samsung X520 is powered by the Intel Core 2 Duo SU3700 (1.30 GHz processor). How fast is this ? Read in Intel SU3700 Core 2 Duo Processor.

The new Samsung X520 laptop offers both WiFi and Bluetooth with WiFi bale to cover close by 802.11n routers. Its grand 500 GB facilitates you to store games, movies and music. It also comprises an SD card reader positioned on the front rim of the frame.

Samsung has not changed its keyboard design and this new X520 also has its customary flat and full size keys. Though the touchpad ought to be a little wider for move the fingers expediently

Its touchpad’s buttons are also very small making them uncomfortable to use, and have a very spongy feel. The addition of an Intel SU7300 processor will let down the users who want the raw performance. The speed of this processor is just 1.3 GHz.

Despite being low-powered as compared to others, this processor is more than competent of handling the pre-installed Windows 7. Its 4GB of memory can store backups for almost every task.

More to the point, being a portable laptop, the Samsung X520 is not the right choice for playing games. It is specially designed to provide extensive battery life. It may reach to about six hour battery backup when followed the power saving features such as a dim screen.

In spite of the low-powered processor inserted, the X520 is absolutely adequate for simple users who use the system just for some browsing and surfing, word processing and a little with image editing and not more than that. With an improved battery life and a well-brought-up key board the Samsung X520 is worth buying it.


Samsung’s lates X520 notebook offers a great deal of power at the expense of the portability. If you do not mind a little heavy size, this notebook is a great option.


pricey compare to other similar category of laptop

not useful for gamers

Final thought

If we come on its monetary aspect, it’s fairly pricey at £649. However, it is very well known with all computer users that the price tag of the Samsung laptops falls down in a few months after their release. So let’s all hope that X 520 also follow this trend it will soon be obtainable at £500 which is absolutely affordable as per its plus points.

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