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Samsung Zeal Review

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Samsung Zeal is a recent Samsung handset that is now included in the product range of Verizon Wireless. At first instance itself it looks quite familiar as the attire of Samsung Zeal is based on its elder sibling – Samsung Alias 2. Definitely, the new version gets refined with some alterations. The clamshell layout with dimensions of 4.01 X 2.04 X 0.67 inches weighs around 4.34 Oz.

The design of Samsung Zeal is unique with the ability to flip open it in two directions and is attributed with the E Ink technology. When the phone is flip opened in the vertical direction, it shows a traditional keypad which is transformed into QWERTY keyboard when flipped open in horizontal direction. In addition to this the smart phone incorporates a 2.0 megapixel camera that is enhanced with multiple technologies comprising of panorama shots, night mode shoot, auto zooming technology as well as a camcorder features. The picture quality produced is good with resolution settings ranging from 1600 X 1200 pixels to 160 X 120 pixels. Towards multimedia, it supports formats like MP3, WMA, AAC and AAC+. In addition to this the smart phone is featured with 32GB external memory that is offered by using a microSD card. It allows you to store more than 1000 contact details along with multiple numbers, email ids, street addresses as well as the contact’s photo. Each contact can be personalized under a particular calling group. Around 21 polyphonic ringtones support the calling identifications.

Bluetooth enabled Zeal version from Samsung supports 3G network. With this, swift communication is possible with text messaging, MMS and voice messaging. Social networking with Samsung Zeal is facilitated with the help of downloadable applications from Verizon to access Myspace, Facebook, and Twitter. On subscribing the monthly package from Verizon you can gain access to mailing through AOL, Hotmail, Yahoo and many more. With RemoSync application you can also access your corporate emails as well as experience instant messaging through mobile. The Verizon Zeal phone uses WAP 2.0 to support Internet browsing. Verizon also provides preloaded application of VZ Navigator with Zeal model. Downloading games or purchasing some of your choice from online sales is an added advantage with it. You can also upgrade it with the applications such as Skype mobile, Weather indicator, Bing search etc. Though some of the applications can be experienced for free, but for some specific services and applications you will have to shell out some money.
Samsung Zeal based on Verizon network offers better performance and decent Internet speed. It manages to get enough power from Lithium ion battery with the capacity of 880 mAh to sustain a talk time of over 5 hours and stay alive for over 14 days when kept on standby mode. Verizon based messaging phone is now available in Verizon Wireless stores with a price tag of $79.99 along with a short contract for two years.

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