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Intel Sandy Bridge Core i3-2120 i3-2100 i3-2100T processors

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The Sandy Bridge processors are expected to be have been released by the end of 2010 or latest by in the beginning of the 2011.  Intel is keeping the same nomenclature that it used for the Arrandale and Clarkdale processor – in other words, we are still going to see the core i3, core i5 and core i7 that intel used in Arrandale and Clarkdale processors.

The part numbers for the core i3 processors are out and so far we hear about the Core i3-2120 core  i3-2100 and core i3-2100T.  The core i3 processors will have have the turbo frequencies disabled unlike the core i5 processors.

While the Core i3-2120 and core i3-2100 are 65 Watt parts the core i3-2100T  is low power 35 Watts part.

The most remarkable feature of the Sandy Bridge processor is expected to be the improvement in the performance in its Graphics Unit.  Anandtech has conducted some extensive benchmarking in the core i5 Sandy Bridge processor.  It is expected  that the significant  improvement will also be noticed in the graphics performance of the core i3 sandy bridge processors.

If you are a gamer you definitely would like to wait till the release of the Sandy Bridge processors.  The core frequency of the GPU unit for the core i3-2120 and core i3-2100 is 850 MHz. The GPU core does support the turbo function and its turbo frequency is 1100 MHz. The core i3-2100T will have nominal GPU frequency of 650 MHz while its turbo frequency will be 1100 MHz. The lower nominal frequency helps the processor run at lower power, suitable for the notebooks.

The core frequencies of the Core i3-2120 will be 3.3 GHz, and that of the core i3-2100 will be 3.1 GHz. The core frequency of the low power processor core i3-2100T will be 2.5 GHz.

All of the Core i3-2120 core i3-2100 and core i3-2100T processors have two cores and the hyperthreading is enabled in all  of them. It means that we can have 4 threads running at a time ( two threads for each of the 2 cores). All of these processors will have 3 MB of L3 Cache with them.

There are few more  architectural improvement in the Sandy Bridge processor over the earlier Clarkdale and Arrandale processors.  In Sandy Bridge processor the 3 MB of the L3 Cache will be shared between the CPU and the GPU unit. This helps in the improved GPU performance. In the earlier Clarkdale and Arrandale architecture, while the CPU was built with the 32nm technology, the memory controller and the GPU section were still built with 45 nm technology. In the Sandy Brige, the CPU, memory controller and the GPU – will all be built with the 32 nm technology.

If we believe on intel, we are going to see two times improvement in the Sandy Bridge processor as compared to the Arrandale and Clardale processor.

What is the benchmark score of the dual core 3.3 GHz Sandy bridge core i3-2120 and how does it compare with the Similarly clocked Clarksdale predecessor core i3-560 ? Read in Core i3-2120 benchmark and comparison with core i3-560.

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