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SANSUI HDLCDVD225 Review – 720p 60Hz HDTV and DVD Combo

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SANSUI HD LCD VD225 22 Class LCD 720p 60Hz HD television DVD Combo is the latest product from Sansui, which makes its mark with integrated DVD player. The TV comes from the quality Japanese manufacturer, which you can rely upon for the quality and workmanship.

This television though fails to give the full HD experience because of its inability to display 1080 pixel resolution video, this does give the user more digital experience than the conventional standard definition experience. This television supports 720 pixel resolution high definition videos and the maximum resolution that is supported by this television is 1366 X 768 pixels. As the Sansui HDLCD VD225 has a small screen size of 22 inch, at 720p resolution you should not find any major issue with the pixelization and other artifacts

Sansui HDLCD VD225 could be perfect for your bedroom watching. Picture courtsey Sansui

The aspect ratio of this television is 16 : 9, the built in DVD player can play all variants of CD and DVD, JPEG, MP3 and WMA. This television has built in digital tuner using which the user can tune to ATSC or QAM modulated digital signals and view them on the television even without a settop box. The response time of this television is the lowest of the available response time which is 5 milliseconds. The contrast ratio of the television varies dynamically up to a maximum of 800 : 1 to provide better viewing experience to the user.

SANSUI HD LCD VD225 22 Class LCD 720p 60Hz HD television has only one HDMI input port. The digital 3 D comb filter is present in this television, which gives better quality video and adds to the richness of the colors that are displayed. Other than HDMI port there is one S video port, 1 each port for composite video and component video ports available in this television. There is one VGA port available to giving the PC input and the output ports are the following one optical digital audio output port and one headphone jack. The remote control that comes along needs 2 AAA batteries to work and they are provided along with the television from the manufacturer itself. There is no Internet connectivity features or wireless connectivity features which are the major disadvantages of this television. This is not compliant with other DLNA devices too. So this television is a standalone television without any networking features. This television with a good home theater system makes a deadly combination which can make you sit glued to your television like a zombie and get the feel of theater in your own home. There is no separate gaming mode that is supported in this television. This is a simple cost effective, efficient and good performing television with a proper mix of looks and technology that anyone would love to have in their house.

Two decades ago, we used to have similar TVs with CRT and VHS cassette players and many homes used to buy it for their bedroom watching. Unfortunately, most of the combo products could not match in the quality of the separate VHS cassette output. The things seem to change with the Sansui HDTV and the DVD combo. Since both are “digital”, we do not see any quality degradation because of making the product a “combo”. SANSUI HDLCD-VD225 review should therefore be read in the light of this bedroom viewing experience.


– Comes with integrated DVD player
– Comes with HDMI, VGA port

– 720p resolution ( though good enough for its size)
– Small screen size 22 inches

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