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Selling your Home – Introduction

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Selling your Home – Introduction:

When you decide to sell your home, you have two choices. You can sell it yourself earning yourself a nice profit, or you can let a real estate agent do it and pay them a commission. If you sell it yourself you can save you between five and seven percent, which is an average of nine thousand dollars. The thing with selling your home yourself is that you have to wear many different hats.

When you sell your home yourself you need to make sure that you are educated on pricing, negotiation, advertising, marketing and closing. You must also negotiate with the bankers or Mortgage Company, the title company, and maybe an attorney.

In addition to getting an education on the above topics you have to get your home inspected, have it appraised, make sure that you are ready for open house, and so much more. All these topics, and more, will be discussed as part of this e-book.

There is a lot to do and it may sound complicated but after reading this e-book you will feel confident that you can sell your home yourself and keep that commission you would have given to a real estate agent.

This e-book will get you from point A, getting your home ready to sell to point B, the closing of the deal.

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