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Sharp LC42SB48UT Review – Awesome 1080p LCD HDTV

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Sharp LC42SB48UT 42” LCD HDTV comes with the great visually appealing black cabinet that suits any location in your home. This TV can be operated with a wide range of signal specifications and types. Built in digital TV tuner with compatibility on diverse user requirements is one of the key functions sharp can offer. The progressive scan system works well with 480p, 480i, 720p, 1080i and 1080p with the highest resolution of 1920x1080p. Quality that can be judged easily by the naked eye is the specialty of sharp televisions.

Sharp LC42SB48UT LCD TV has a fluorescent backlight system capable of producing 450 nits brightness value. This makes this television a right choice for the brighter areas of your home. You never need to worry about the light level of the room while installing this LCD TV. Under normal usage this device consumes about 200W power. The performance on bright sunny days is excellent with the amazing technology comes from the sharpest manufacturer.

Sharp LC42SB48UT

The response time is around 6 milliseconds, makes the display unit fully capable of viewing movies with fast moving objects without any distracting artifacts. This is complemented with a high aspect ratio of 16:9 to deliver the maximum clarity display output at a par with the signal input. The table mounting bottom unit can be easily removed and manipulated for wall mounting. The screen has a width of about 40”. The signal and color filter technology further improves the visual clarity by higher level circuit and algorithm switched rectification unit.

This TV has a digital surround sound system capable of giving audio power of 20W with two 10W inbuilt speakers. The audio system delivers clear sound with the live entertaining environment. External connector system also transmits the exact power to other devices to ensure a consistent performance.

Sharp LC42SB48UT TV is highly compatible for broadcast television services like Dish TV service. NTSC, ATSC and QAM signals can be easily tuned with the interactive menu system using the user friendly remote from Sharp. In AV mode customized profiles are available for viewing the video suiting your preference using the cool or warm mode display with an option to swap between available sound schemes.

The option available for external input connectivity is diverse, crossing all your expectations. There are 4 HDMI input ports available with full signal input capability. Coaxial RF cable connection and 2 HD AV interfaces are also available. The 15 pin HD port allows you to connect the TV to the computer. As a computer monitor handling through the VGA display port, the TV can deliver exceptionally well performance.

Sharp LC42SB48UT comes with a warranty period of 1 year. However, your product will definitely last longer beyond this. Sharp is the manufacturer who better knows what their customers expect from them. Millions of satisfied customers exemplify their deep vision and commitment for delivering quality service.

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