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Solvate spends lavishly on Ads

Solvate is spending lavishly on the Ads to ensure the success of its platform by any means. This was revealed when starredreviews correspondent was looking for MP3 to text converter ( yes this is something totally irrelevant to Solvate). The correspondent was actually looking for a software that could recognize the MP3 spoken in American English and using the speech recognition could convert into text file. This was when the correspondent came across the following thread.


Well, as a matter of fact the forum thread turned out to be as useless with the porsons replying to the thread having no idea what they were trying to say.

Anyway, after having wasted my time after going through the whole forum thread replies, I looked at the bottom of the thread which has been captured at the end of this article

While this form of advertising on themes unrelated to Solvate does profit the forum owner and the Google, it is unclear how this profits to Solvate ? Obviously Solvate has not done is home work well.

When you use Adwords to advertise, you need to ensure that you get value for every single ad that is clicked upon. Unfortunately if you do not select your keywords correctly you will get a large number of clicks but not actual customers. A measure of the success of the Adwords program is the number of active leads gained per 100 clicks or per 1000 clicks or may be per $100 spent or, as in the case of Solvate per $1000 spent.

Solvate pays out $25 for each sign up as a client with its affiliate programme. It also pays $100 if the client gives his credit card details. It is therefore not unreasonable to assume that Solvate is ready to spend $100 in expectation of one client joining its platform.

However, with the kind of the websites on which the Ads of Solvate is appearing, it looks highly unlikely that Solvate will be able to achieve this with $100 spent.

Solvate will have to be more careful in spending its money. Otherwise, it will not be long before it will exhaust the $4 million VC fund that it received ( subsequent to the first round of $2.5 million fund that they received earlier). Mike Paolucci – are you listening ?

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