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Sony BDV-E370 Home Theater System – BRAVIA Internet Video 5.1 Channel Black Review

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About Sony BDV-E370 Home Theater System

The Sony BRAVIA series has been impressing buyers one after another with their product line of Blu-ray home theater systems. However, they are not done yet and are excited to unveil the all new Sony BDV-E370 Home Theater Systemwith BRAVIA Internt Video 5.1 Channel into the market. With such an established name in the industry, it is already making quite a buzz. It is currently priced at $395 in leading online retail stores, but before you come into a conclusion on whether this would make a great purchase, make sure to read further below.

Sony BDV-E370 Home Theater System BRAVIA Internet Video 5.1 Channel is made up with two basic components: the Blu-Ray disc player/AV receiver and a Speaker system. The main unit measures at a dimension of 20 x 16 x 20 inches and an average weight of 12 pounds.

The Blu-ray drive available in Sony BDV-E370 Home Theater System is 3D-capable that makes it a truly advanced home theater system to compete with the best in the market. Meanwhile, it features HDMI 1.4a connectivity option that enables you to enjoy full HD 3D videos and similar content on your HDTV. There is also a wide range of output resolution to choose from to ensure that you can get the highest picture quality such as 480p, 480i, 720p, 1080p, and 1080i. If you are still not satisfied with the video performance of the system, there is also a video upconversion feature that you can use to enhance the video quality of basic content to turn it into something more like high-definition.

Another notable feature in the Sony BDV-E370 Home Theater System is the BRAVIA Internet Video that you can use to connect online via an internet service. With this feature, you can easily stream music videos, movies, and other similar content from top video streaming providers online such as YouTube, Netflix, Amazon Video on Demand, to name a few.

In terms of the audio quality, Sony BDV-E370 Home Theater System comes with dts-HD Master Audio decoding and Dolby TrueHD feature. Thus, you can expect studio-quality surround sound audio system for a truly dynamic and immersive audio experience while playing your Blu-ray disc. There is also a Bravia Sync that further enhances the performance of this system. Other notable features available here includes FM digital radio tuner, Auto sound calibration, BD-Live, and iPod ready configuration. You can also operate this system with a universal remote control for more convenience.

Pro’s of Sony BDV-E370 Home Theater System

*Optimum picture resolution quality;

*Powerful audio performance for dynamic audio output;

*Internet connectivity to access more content;

*Ability to upconvert video files for better resolution;

*Competitive pricing for a topnotch home theater system.

Con’s of Sony BDV-E370 Home Theater System

*There are no known notable drawbacks to this system.

The Bottom Line

Sony BDV-E370 Home Theater System is truly the definition of advanced Blu-ray home theater systems. With its optimum audio and picture quality, it is hard to believe that it is priced lower than $400. Knowing what it can do, some would have no problem paying for more than what it actually charges its consumers.

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  1. December 28th, 2010 at 19:39 | #1

    Hi, thanks for the great review. I noticed you mentioned getting this to work with a universal remote. I’ve not had any luck with this. I’ve tried the listed Sony codes that came with the remote as well as doing an auto “all scan” from the remote with no luck. Any pointers?