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Sony BRAVIA KDL46EX710 LED HD TV review

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The correct mixture of technology and looks that is what you can call Sony BRAVIA KDL46EX710 LED HD TV is all about. Their new model Sony BRAVIA KDL46EX710 LED HD TV is a new one which they call EX710 series and this is a High Definition Television. This model has 46 inches display. This has every feature that you can think of, you name it and they have got it all. They have Internet connectivity through Ethernet port and also through wireless. With Internet connectivity you get to use social networking sites, watch video on line in youtube, check your mails or get connected with your friends through messengers.

Sony BRAVIA KDL46EX710 also has LED back light in the edges, this provides unmatched visibility. Compared to the over LED televisions in the market this consumes very less power. This has can take four HDMI inputs at the same time. This also has a USB port which can be used for connecting Pen drive or music player for playing the contents from the USB storage media. The other main feature of this Sony BRAVIA KDL46EX710 LED HD TV is that it has three processors for decoding video which makes provides the possibility of unmatched video processing speed and higher refreshing speed.

Sony KDL46EX710 supports the HD resolution which is 1080 pixels, this provides you the maximum High Definition experience, which can be used by your Gaming console or your Blu Ray Disc Player, The Aspect ratio supported is 16 : 9.

Since they have the image blur reduction technology in place, the motion pictures can be experienced in a finest detail, this technology is called Motionflow 120 Hz technology. They have also added some intelligence into this television which allows it to change the color of the picture content displayed based on the amount of lighting available in the room. This also has a energy saving switch which logically turns of the TV instead of plugging it out from the power supply we can simply turn on this energy saving switch. This provides us rich feel while viewing 4p True cinema which contains more than 24 images for a single second. The normal convectional televisions cannot display the 4p True cinema and it will result in a jerky video, whereas Sony BRAVIA KDL46EX710 LED HD TV provides the actual feel that 4p True cinema should give us.

Sony BRAVIA KDL46EX710 also has the person presence sensor, which will detect the presence of a person in the room. If the presence sensor finds that there is no person in the room it will switch off the Television thus helping us save power. This has the DVD 5.1 channel audio output and also it supports Dolby digital audio. They also offer one year warranty for the spare parts and any issues that we face with the television other than the physical damage.

The price of the Sony BRAVIA KDL46EX710 LED HD TV is $1300 approx.

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