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Sony DCR-SR68 Handycam Review

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About Sony DCR-SR68 Handycam

Sony is one of the leading brands when it comes manufacturing digital handycams, such that when they unveiled Sony DCR-SR68 Handycam into the public, it garnered a lot of attention. You can buy one of these for a standard retail price of $299 across various online retailers. However, Staple’s upcoming  Black Friday price for the gadget is $289. Read more from the review below to find out more details about this Sony DCR-SR68 camcorder and whether you should get this or not.

Sony DCR-SR68 Handycam is considered as an entry-level video cam that is equipped with standard-definition video technology. Hence, don’t expect it to offer HD-quality video recording yet since this is developed for entry level users instead. There are three color choices for this handycam to suit your sense of style – blue, red, and silver. It is looking quite sleek and attractive, which is rather small to keep it handy while taking with you wherever you go.

The physical controls for Sony DCR-SR68 Handycam are very typical, which makes it easy to use and explore the various features. The package comes with a hand strap such that it becomes easier to carry it around. A power input is also located at the top left of the hard drive such that you can charge the batteries while it is still attached to the camcorder. The card slot for this camcorder provide support for SD and SDHC memory cards. In addition, it comes with a touch screen that is sharper and better in quality than most other models. Plus, the touch-based menu system is also highly responsive to easily navigate options.

Despite the low end status for Sony DCR-SR68 camcorder, it comes with a highly responsive auto-focus and megazoom lens to clearly depict picture even when they are from a distance. The overall video quality is soft and made even sharp with the use of Tele Macro Mode. The use of standard-definition video offers less demand on the system in comparison with most HD camcorders. For all the convenience of its use and respectable performance, it is going to be a notable choice for you.

Pro’s of Sony DCR-SR68 Handycam

*It offers super simple operation for exploration of features;

*The integration of wide zoom lens deliver quality picture;

*The hard drive capacity for the handycam is large enough to accommodate several hours of video recording;

*It comes with a small size that makes it highly portable.

Con’s of Sony DCR-SR68 Handycam

*The video tends to suffer from a bit of noise;

*Although it comes with image stabilization technology, it is electronic only;

*It lacks basic accessories you would expect from a handycam, such as headphone jacks and mic.

The Bottom Line

Sony DCR-SR68 Handycam is an excellent choice for those who are looking to buy a new digital handycam for your various adventures. Now, you can store memories and keep them forever with this reliable handycam that is sold at an affordable price tag. It has an ample storage with up to 80GB capacity and a megazoom lens. However, it is not considered an HD model yet but comes with standard-definition, so don’t expect it to deliver the best quality there is.

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