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Sony DSLR A390 Review

Sony unveils their latest offering to the entry-level DSLR market via two new models – the Sony DSLR A390 and A290. Indeed, both cameras were targeted for entry-level users who wanted enough advanced features to experiment with, such that even veteran photographers will be quite pleased with this one. The A390 model has got nearly the same features as the A290, so make sure you read on further to find out what something new you can expect.

sony dslr a390

In terms of style, the Sony DSLR A390 comes with up to 14.2 megapixel resolution for the best quality images you could ever produce. There is also a 2.7-inch tilt LCD screen and a Quick AF Live View that gives you a larger optical viewfinder. It comes with a rather compact body, which makes it very efficient to carry around, wherever your shooting locations maybe. Meanwhile, the button layout has been redesigned to deliver a more user-friendly interface and a more precise grip design for comfortable handling.

There is a Help Guide and Graphic Display to provide useful on screen assistance even for first-time users. The strongest feature for this camera model is its ability to increase the picture quality, which is above the regular point-and-shoot camera class. Aside from a relatively high picture resolution, it also offers flawless picture quality with low-noise images.

For novices, they will surely have find exploring the different features of the Sony DSLR A390 camera since it offers a generous amount of creative features to explore and experiment with.

Pro’s of Sony DSLR A390

*It comes with a stylish and compact design;

*It is very easy to use;

*It has a generous amount of creative features;

*The DSLR A390 offers useful assistance and concise explanations of basic functions;

*It offers impressive picture quality within its class;

*It comes with an efficient new grip design for a more comfortable handling;

*The revised button layout offers a user-friendly interface;

*At $500, Sony DSLR A390 is one of the most affordable DSLRs in the market today.

Con’s of Sony DSLR A390

*Up to now, there are no known drawbacks to this model, but its ability to deliver practical functionality will surely spell the difference for this camera range.


If you want to try out a DSLR camera but are intimidated by it, then the new Sony DSLR A390 is the perfect choice for you. It has been designed with the novice photographer in mind without compromising picture quality and the ability to explore with various creative features to produce your desired shots.

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