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Sony Google NSX40GT1 LED LCD TV – Review

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Sony Google NSX40GT1 LED LCD TV is the new LCD – LED television which has the high definition display capabilities and has been developed in collaboration of Sony and Google. This television is built using Intel processor, which handles the video processing. The user can watch video or listen to music or check his emails or socialize using the social networking sites by connecting Sony Google NSX40GT1 LED LCD TV to the Internet making it a part of the wireless network in your the built in wireless adopter or using the Ethernet port that is available in the television. There is picture in picture available in Sony Google NSX40GT1 LED LCD TV, which is a technology where there can be channels simultaneously decoded by the television and can be displayed at the same time.

This television can multi task, meaning you can browse Internet and watch the television simultaneously. The platform on which Sony Google NSX40GT1 LED LCD TV is developed is the famous Android platform. The diagonal dimension of the screen is 40 inches, 1080 pixel is the vertical resolution of the video that is supported by Sony Google NSX40GT1 LED LCD TV. The horizontal and vertical display angle for this television is 178 degrees. There are Four HDMI ports, Four USB ports, one each composite video, component video and one Ethernet port. Most of the ports are available at the rear side of the television only two of the HDMI ports are available on the sides, everything else is on the back side of the television.

There is a QWERTY keyboard, that is comes with the Sony Google NSX40GT1 LED LCD TV, which allows the user to use the television more effectively and easily. The USB port supports the USB devices of the version 2.0, which is the latest and it is backward compatible with USB version 1.0 also. One year warranty coverage is available for the user from the purchasing date, which covers labor that is needed to fix the issue that had surfaced or the spare parts that needs to be put in place to solve the issue. The aspect ratio supported by Sony Google NSX40GT1 LED LCD TV is 16 : 9 and the maximum video resolution supported is 1920 x 1080.

The only major disadvantage is that there is no PC input port available for this television. The speakers output power is 20 Watts and the power consumed by Sony Google NSX40GT1 LED LCD TV is 84.1 watts when it is powered on and 0.42 Watt when it is in standby mode. Simulated surround technology is in place, which provides the user with surround effect even without a home theater. Ipod dock is also not available in Sony Google NSX40GT1 LED LCD TV. This television is the fusion product that had come out from two technology leaders that offers the user something which is way more advanced than a television.

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