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Sony Handycam DCR-DVD650 Camcorder review

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Sony Handycam DCR-DVD650 DVD Camcorder is the latest camcorder available in the market from Sony the Japanese multinational giant and global consumer electronics market player. This camcorder costs 229 dollars and has a optical zoom of 60 x. There is a LCD display of size 2.7 inches applicable on the camcorder for the playback of the recorded content. The digital zoom is much more than that of the optical zoom as it measures 2000 x. There is a memory card pro slot available in the camcorder for the user to insert memory card pro into the slot and record directly to it.

Sony DCR-DVD650 DVD Camcorder is Hybrid recording technology plus in place which is developed by Sony, which allows the user to record on the internal flash drive which has a memory of 16 GB or onto the DVD that is inserted into the camcorder or onto the removable media specifically the memory card that is inserted into the camcorder. Picture motion browser or PMB software is preloaded into the camcorder, which allows the user to share, view or sort or even transfer it to other devices via Bluetooth or any other protocol medium. There is also option available for the user to burn the images to DVD.  There are different scene selection modes available namely beach, portrait, landscape, spotlight, candle and fireworks.

Sony Handycam DCR-DVD650 DVD Camcorder comes with accessories like AC adapter, AV connecting cable, USB cable for connecting the camcorder to the PC, the driver software CD and rechargeable battery pack. The still resolution of this camcorder measures 0.34 mega pixels and sensor resolution is 680 kilo pixels. There are two exposure modes namely program mode and automatic mode. The maximum shutter speed is 4000th of a second and the minimum shutter speed if 4th of a second.

The minimum illumination of the Sony DCR-DVD650 DVD Camcorder is 6 lux. There are two scene transitions that are available namely white fader and black fader transition modes. The analog video format supported by this television is NTSC analog video format. The motorized drive takes care of the zoom adjustment. There is a built in lens shield that is available in the camcorder. The lens used in this camcorder is manufactured is Carl Zeiss. There are two search modes available in this camcorder namely Index search and Face Index search modes.

The filter size is 30 millimeters. Sony NP-FH30  is the battery type that is supported in this model camcorder, this is rechargeable type battery. This is compatible with windows XP, windows vista and windows 2000 operating systems. There is a built in microphone in Sony DCR-DVD650 DVD Camcorder which captures the audio. There is one year warranty for the camcorder and there is an USB port and CD ROM drive which are available as peripherals in this camcorder. This is one of the best camcorder that is in the market.

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