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Sony HDR-CX360V Review – Flash Memory Camcorder

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The HDR-CX360V is the latest Camcorder from Sony that is based on the Flash memory recording. The Sony HDR-CX360V camcorder’s key feature include the decent quality video even in the low light conditions.

The HDR-CX360V offers full High Definition 60p recording capability. The embedded 32 GB Flash memory can record over 13 hours of the HD video in the High Definition LP mode. Other key features include the integrated GPS receiver, that you can use to associate the location with a particular video footage. The touch screen at 3.0″ is relatively large at 3.0″

Sony HDR-CX360V Key Features at a glance
– 32 GB integrated Flash Memory
– Inbuilt GPS to tag your video footage
– Full HD recording capability
– 3.0″ touch screen LCD
– 12x optical zoom ( 17x extended zoom)
– USB 2.0 Connectivity

Here are some detailed review of the individual components of the Sony HDR-CX360V

High Definition Recording

With the advent of the HD TVs at 1080p resolution, it is apparent that the video camcorders should match the resolution in order to offer the best viewing qualilty on a 1080p HDTV. The Sony’s HDR-CX360V gives you 1920 x 1080 HD resolution, that you can playback on any Full HD capable display device, including your HDTV and projector. The camcorder is capable of 60p recording that you can playback using the provided HDMI cable. You can even record it in 24p mode if you are looking at film like quality. You can also capture the still images at 7 Megapixel resolution.

32 GB of Fash Memory

The Sony HDR-CX360V comes with 32 GB of embedded Flash memory, that will let you record 13 hours of HD video footage in LP mode.

Image Stabilization

The Sony’s Optical SteadyShot provides stabilty from the hand movement, so your video is free from shakes even with your hand movement. Additionally, the HDR-CX360V has 3-Way Shake-Canceling for further reducing the ill effects from the shakes.

In Built GPS

The in built GPS is a nice feature to record the geo location of the places while you are taking the video footage. This is especially nice if you are traveling and you want to record the locations of the places you shoot. You can playback the recorded video with the Map Index

USB 2.0 Connectivity

The transfer to the PC is quick and easy with the built in USB cable. The USB cable can also be used to charge the battery of the camcorder.


While we have not tested the Sony HDR-CX360V, it looks promising in its first glance. Sony’s quality of the camcorders have been exceptional, and this HD camcorder extends the already established line of camcorders. It is available at slightly expensive at $799 ( according to Sony’s website), but definitely worth looking.

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