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Sony SLT A55 interchangeable lens camera review

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Sony comes up with the latest technology in its range of α camera – Sony SLT A55. The innovative 16.2 megapixel Sony SLT A55 interchangeable lens camera takes up the recently developed, translucent mirror technology.  This technology helps to give fine auto focus speed while shooting the still images as well as movie shoots. With this technology it is now possible to capture any fine moment with sharp focus and we can even get high definition videos. Shoots can be taken on continuous basis upto 10 frames in 1 second which is the fastest shooting speed in the industry.

The Sony SLT A55 interchangeable lens camera is mounted with the latest translucent mirror technology, Auto Focus system, advanced shooting features and full time live view.

1)      Translucent Mirror technology:  This technology rids out the effort of moving the mirror. Translucent mirror helps the light pass through the lens. This light is then received by the image sensor and the auto focus sensor simultaneously enabling continuous focus as well as shoot at the fastest speed of 10 frames per second. This is because this technology helps to focus while capturing the images. As the moving mirror technology is eliminated the SLT A55 gets a comparatively compact body. The camera has advanced AE mode to give the best exposure thereby enhancing the image quality.

2)      Auto focus system with high seep capture: This technology helps to capture every crucial moment which could be otherwise missed. This is possible due to the 15 point auto focus system which enables fastest focusing.

3)      Advanced shooting: As the continuous phase detect auto focus can track the moving objects movie shooting is improved. Alpha 55 cameras possesses advanced shooting feature with the sensitivity of ISO 100: 12,800. APS HD CMOS sensor helps to get the best shots in bad lighting conditions. Auto HDR shoots and combines 3 frames in one photo giving best highlights and deep shadow whereas Auto NR shoots and combines 6 frames in single photo to give smooth less light image with low noise level. Hand held twilight can shoot and combine 6 frames in single photo to give best image during night.

4)      Live view: The LCD view finder delivers ample freedom to do shooting as desired. All the devices have a 3-inch LCD view finder with TruBlack Technology offering full coverage. Tru-Finder, the eye-level viewfinder, offers much ease for a picture perfect image and motion picture recording and that too in varied lighting situations. The electronic view finder has good resolution that gives fine LCD display which is sharp even in dull light. The camera is furnished with the adjustable LCD which can be tilted for shooting from any angle.

5)      Pricing: Sony SLT A55 will cost around $750 for the device. 18-55 mm zoom lens will acquire the additional cost of $100. Therefore the complete cost of the device along with the lens will hang around $850. Sony SLT A55 will be available in the market by October.

6)      The Sony SLT A55 interchangeable lens cameras accept both Memory Stick PRO Duo and SD media which are available as separate entities. Sony’s Memory Stick PRO-HG Duo HX gives the best execution of 30 MB per second transfer rate.

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