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Sony STRDH810 700W 7.1-Channel A/V Home Theater Receiver Review

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Sony STRDH810 700W 7.1-Channel A/V Home Theater Receiver costing 300 dollars is the latest home theater receiver system that is available in the market. This home theater system comes at a along with remote control, with AA batteries for the remote control, AM and FM antennas and owner’s manual. The total output power of this home theater system is 700 Watts. There are seven speakers in number each of which provides 100 Watts output power thus they produce 700 Watts together. All the surround sound effect formats are supported in Sony STRDH810 home theater namely, Dolby digital, Dolby pro logic, Dolby TruHD, DTS HD Enhanced, DTS ES discrete 6.1, DTS ES matrix 6.1, DTS Neo 6 decoders and DRS 96 /24 decoders.

There is support available for the user to connect more than one amplified audio source to the same set of speakers. The user can assign the speaker outputs to multiple zones via the wireless and the number of zones can go up to 10. There is also component video up conversion available to the user, using which the user can up convert composite or S video output from VCR or DVR or CAM corder or a DVD into component video and the same can be shown over the television via the home theater system.

Sony STRDH810 700W 7.1-Channel A/V Home Theater Receiver has the digital cinema audio calibration which will measure the acoustics in the users room and then determine the best audio output that will give the user the best experience and it calibrates the home theater system accordingly to provide the best audio feel. There is an audio return channel available which allows needing for multiple audio connections.

Sony STRDH810 home theater system can take 4 HDMI inputs together and also has total harmonic distortion value as low as 0.08 %. There are three speakers on the front side of the user and four to be placed at the backside of the user. There are two years of warranty available to the user from the date of purchase that covers both labor and spare parts replacement.

There is also radio tuner available Sony STRDH810 home theater system with 60 present stations. There are two stereo audio input ports and one stereo audio output port. There are three component video input ports that are available. There are also headphone jack available in this home theater system. There are digital output ports and also pre amplified output ports that are available in this home theater system. This however does not have S video input or output ports. This does not have any On Screen Display supported and Channel 5.1 audio is also not supported by Sony STRDH810 7.1 channel home theater system. This is simply the best choice for anyone who wants a home theater system.

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