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Sony VAIO EE3E0E Notebook Review

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Sony VAIO EE3E0E is one of the best selling notebooks in UK and this is the reason we took up to review it on starred reviews. The Vaio EE3E0E comes with 15.5 inch screen size and is powered by the AMD Athlon Dual Core P340 processor. It comes with 3Gb of RAM and has 320GB hard disk. This is a medium priced notebook (£439.92 at the time of writing on Amazon UK), that gives out decent performance for home and office computing. It does come with an integrated webcam that will let you chat with family and friends. The wifi connectivity will let you surf internet on your home and office or any wifi hotspot. Let us take a look at the individual components of this Sony VAIO notebook.


The Athlon dual core P340 is a dual core 2.2 GHz processor, that gives out decent performance for most of the home and office computing. The P340 has integrated memory controller, which means that it communicates with the memory directly in place of communicating via a chipset as in intel core 2 processors. This increases the processor to memory transfer rate and eventually leads to better performance. Of course, it is not as good as the similarly clocked newer entry level Intel core i3 processors.

Memory and Hard Disk

On the memory front EE3E0E Notebook comes with 3 GB of memory which we can safely assume to sufficient as this is possibly the highest memory that your applications will ever need. The operating system ( Windows 7) usually takes up the first 1 GB of the RAM leaving you 2 GB of RAM. You are not likely to anywhere close 2 GB RAM. The hard disk comes with 320 GB, more than enough for your basic needs.


The 15.6″ display in the EE3E0E laptop gives out decent display quallity.


The Sony Vaio EE3E0E comes with the following connectivity.

– VGA Connetor to hook up an external monitor
– Microphone and headphone
– Ethernet connector to hookup for internet.

Other Features

As already mentioned in the beginning the vaio EE3E0E laptop comes with integrated webcam, though we found that its resolution is not great. The wifi connectivity option lets you surf the web without connecting ethernet wires. The incuded DVD drive will let you install the software that come on DVDs. You can also watch the movies that come on the DVD.


Sony has been known for the quality of the workmanship. Its keyboards are study and typing friendly ( unlike some of the HP notebooks we found). We rate Sony definitely better than Acer and Dell in terms of the build quality. And this comes with a price. The Sony notebooks are typically £50 to £100 more than the similarly configured other notebooks. That is true even for the Sony EE3E0E. But it is worth investing.. You will never regret investing the extra money. Of course, you can still get virus and other issues, but then, that has nothing to do with Sony. This particular notebook is good enough for the home and office computing environment.

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