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Sony Vaio VPC-B11V9E/B Review

About Sony Vaio VPC-B11V9E/B

Sony’s Vaio has focused on offering business computing devices that was built for an impressive and reliable performance. But aside from marketing their series of laptops as business devices, they are also selling it as consumer alternatives. And with the arrival of the Sony Vaio VPC-B11V9E/B, you can enjoy a useful interface and some impressive lineup of features. You can learn more about the following features by reading an in-depth review of this product below.

On the physical aspect, the Sony Vaio VPC-B11V9E/B comes with a discreet business appearance. It utilizes a magnesium alloy on its case, with a solid shell and the display quite fixed, thus making it difficult to be twisted. The size of the laptop itself measures at a dimension of 37.7 x 262.4 x 266.8 mm and registering as much as 2.49 kg in weight.


The overall connectivity features of the Sony Vaio VPC-B11V9E/B is on the average side. Vaio VPC-B11V9E/B comes with an HDMI output that enables you to transmit the video or image captures onto a large display screen in real time. The incorporation of a Display Port would have been a great addition in business settings. However, you can enjoy enough connectivity features including VGA monitor port, Bluetooth, 3 USB 2.0 ports, and gigabit LAN. Nonetheless, its maximum pixel resolution for images is quite impressive at 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution.

In terms of computing performance, the Sony Vaio VPCB11V9E/B is equipped with the HM55 Express Chipset from Intel, along with an ultra-fast Intel Core i5-520M. Aside from the 2 physical cores, you can get a turbo boost and hyperthreading. The integrated HD Graphics used with this laptop model delivers superior graphical output while the 4GB DDR3 RAM can hold up to 8GB in maximum memory space.

Pro’s of Sony Vaio VPC-B11V9E/B

*The use of discreet business gray color and a roughened surface provide an appealing aspect;

* Vaio VPC-B11V9E/B comes with a slim size and compact dimensions to increase portability;

*It has above average connectivity features that cover most basic devices, such as USB 2.0 ports, HDMI output, and gigabit LAN, DVD ± RW (± R DL)

*The addition of number pads make it very convenient to input number sequences on this keyboard;

*The keyboard offers excellent typing feel;

*The loudspeakers offer sufficient quality and large volume range;

*In terms of performance, the use of Intel Core i5 processor provides a very good computing performance;

*The battery life offers decent performance, depending on the intensity of computing applications.

Con’s of Sony Vaio VPC-B11V9E/B

*Its performace is lacking in terms of complicated 3D calculations;

*The quality of the sounds produced from the speakers is suitable only for basic tasks and is quite limited in performance;

* battery life is suitable of Vaio VPC-B11V9E/B only for normal use.

Pricing Details

For practical buyers, the Sony Vaio VPC-B11V9E/B is priced £200 more than the smaller counterparts that come with Core i3-330M, WGXA display, and the 320 GB hard disk. To be specific, it is priced at around £970.

The Bottom Line

The Sony Vaio VPC-B11V9E/B is a powerful addition into your current choices of business computing devices. Its use of a powerful chipset and the incorporation of versatile features combine to make this a great investment for your money.

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