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Sony VAIO VPC-EE47FX/BJ Review – Notebook

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This review is going to be brief because we do not have complete information available. In fact you can call in preview instead of review as we have neither researched nor evaluated theSony VAIO VPC-EE47FX/BJ. We do know that the VAIO VPC-EE47FX/BJ is powered by the AMD’s triple core Phenom processor clocked at 2 GHz. We do not have any indication of the exact part number about the processor used in the notebook as the descriptions only say AMD Phenom triple core processor.

A little research show that the 2 GHz triple core processor is essentially the the phenom II P860. While we can not be very sure about the part number, we are almost sure about it.

Key Features of the Sony VAIO VPC-EE47FX/BJ

– AMD’s Phenom ii triple core P860 processor ( 2.0 GHz)
– 15.5″ size display with 1366 x 768 resolution LED backlit.
– 4GB of RAM
– 640 Giga Byte Serial ATA Hard Drive
– 4 USB 2.0 ports
– Integrated webcam ( Sony’s motion eye).

Let us take a look at the individual components of the Sony VAIO VPC-EE47FX/BJ.

This Sony Vaio machine comes with Phenom ii X3 P860, 2.0 GHz processor


The AMD’s Phenom ii P860 is a triple core processor that powers the Sony VPC-EE47FX/BJ has a nominal core frequency of 2.0 GHz. You can expect a decent performance level with this processor for all of your home and office computing needs. The Phenom ii P860 has an L2 Cache of 1.5 MB ( 512 KB for each of the three cores). While it has no L3 Cache, the fast integrated memory controller partly makes up for the missing L3 Cache.

RAM and Hard Disk

The 4 GB of hard disk in the VAIO VPC-EE47FX/BJ, is what you expect in a relatively moderate performance or a high end notebook. With 4 GB you can be sure that applications and programs that have large footprint do not get starved for lack of memory space. The Hard Drive is 640 GB, again, what you expect from a high end notebook.


The 15.5 inch LCD screen in the VAIO VPC-EE47FX/BJ is driven by the ATI Radeon HD 5145 graphics that has 512 MB dedicated memory. The display has a resolution of 1366 x 768 and it gives out bright color.

Gigabit Ethernet and Wifi

While Ethernet LAN connectivity is ubiquitous in most notebooks that come today, the Sony VAIO VPC-EE47FX/BJ, has gigabit ethernet. While the Gigabit Ethernet ( 1000 megabits per second), may not make any difference in the speed of the internet connectivity, it makes a huge difference in the intranet. If you have a home or office network, with all the routers enabled for gigabit, two computers with gigabit ethernet can transfer data at a blazing speed. You can typically transfer 1 Giga Byte large file in as small as 10 to 20 seconds !!! There is nothing new in the in-built wireless connectivity that this Sony Vaio notebook comes with. All notebooks and netbooks come with one now a days.

Other Features

The HDMI port is worth mentioning among the other features that come with this notebook. You can hook up an external LCD or HDTV to view the contents of the notebook on TV or a projector. The low power phenom processor allows long battery life. You can expect to run VPC-EE47FX/BJ for 3 and a half hour on a single charge of battery.

Sony VAIO VPC-EE47FX/BJ is available at prices close to $800 at the time of writing. You may like to take a look at other bargain notebooks before buying this laptop. While starredreviews does recommend Sony brand as a quality brand, the entry of the newer Sandy Bridge processors have made more options available to the customers.

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