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Sony Vaio VPCCW290X Review – i3-330M Notebook

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Sony laptops are always famous for their vivid colors and outstanding build quality even though there performance could be same as the other manufacturer’s. The brand name Sony itself speaks the quality in their laptop models. There is another new addition to Sony Vaio series as Sony Vaio VPCCW290X laptop. This is a fashionable laptop with extraordinary power and available in wide range of colors. The colors that are currently available with this model laptop are Fiery Red, Royal Indigo, Icy White, Brilliant Pink and Crystal Rain White. The display of the Sony Vaio laptops is famous for their resolution and vivid colors. This time, the latest laptop sported with a 14-inches screen and powered through Intel Core i3-330M processor, which is clocked at 2.13 GHz. There is another attractive addition as NVIDIA GeForce 310M GPU with 256MB DDRD3 dedicated VRAM. This laptop is also arranged with Blu-ray capbilities too.

Intel Core i3-330M Processor Details:

The Intel Core i3-330M processor that powers Sony Vaio VPCCW290X comes under lower-middle class Dual CORE CPU. This processor is for laptops and clocked at 2.16GHz. This is lacking with overlocking and Turbo Boost like any other Core i5-430M processor. This will result into lower core speed for the processor. Each Core of this processor is based on the Nehalem micro-architecture. Its Hyperthreading can enable up to 4 threads for the Dual Core CPU at single time.

This processor got one integrated graphics card as Intel HD Graphics or GMA HD along with a DDR3 1066 MHz memory controller. Memory controller and graphics card are arranged on separate die in 45nm and CPU die is of 32nm.

Synthetic benchmark performance is almost equal with a 2.4GHz Core 2 Duo P8600. This processor can handle any type of application successfully. Some of the demanding games will not be a match with this laptop.

Sony Vaio VPCCW290X laptop Review:


This laptop is powered by Intel Core i3-330M processor that is clocked at 2.13 GHz. This processor is good with any type application or program, but fails to support some of the latest games.

Graphics Engine:

Sony Vaio VPCCW290X comes with the latest NVIDIA GeForce 310M GPU which has 256 MB DDRD3 dedicated VRAM. This is assuring the perfect entertainment for a buyer.

System Memory and Hard drive:

Sony Vaio VPCCW290X comes with 2GB DDR3 RAM arranged in two slots. This RAN can be expanded up to 8GB and this is assuring the better performance for all the future needs.

Hard Drive of this laptop is 320GB capacity and this can be expanded up to 640GB successfully. This voluptuous hard drive can accommodate huge and saves safely.

Optical Drive:

Sony Vaio VPCCW290X is arranged with a DVD-RW capabilities and this optical drive can be compatible with Blu-ray disc playing and as well as burning too.


Sony VPCCW290X is equipped with standard battery pack of VGP-BPS 13. This battery offers decent power backup facility for the laptop.


This laptop is Blutooth enabled and got Wi-Fi features too. This laptop can be easily connected with wireless network with its Wi-Fi and can be connected with wired network through its Ethernet LAN.


This Vaio VPCCW290X comes with 14-inches widescreen. The type of display is LCD with a resolution of WXGA (1366 x 768 pixels). Its Backlit type is LED with a Glossy finish screen. Its Video signal connector is a standard 40-pin facility.


This laptop comes with a standard warranty for a period of 180 days.

Built-in Features

This laptop is arranged with a built-in speaker and sound quality through these speakers is quite decent.

There is one built-in webcam along with a microphone for video chats over the internet.

Operating system:

This laptop is supplied with a Genuine Microsoft Windows 7 Home Professional 64-bit Edition.

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