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Sony VAIO VPCEB23FX/WI laptop review

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The popularity of the Sony VAIO VPCEB23FX/WI  is clearly visible with the model being labeled “currently sold out” at best buy at the time of writing.

Priced at $649 at bestbuy this Sony VAIO Laptop features Intel Core i3-350M Processor a 15.5″ Display and a 4GB Memory. If you do not want to wait, you can buy it online at walmart at stated price of $678.00 ( at the time of writing). Do not forget to mentally add the taxes which can be typically $40 or so ( depends upon the state you live in).

The Processor and Memory

The sony Sony VAIO VPCEB23FX/WI comes with Intel  Core i3 – 350M processor that has a nominal frequency of 2.26 GHz .  While this is a decent speed for the dual core i3 series processor, this is not as great compared to the i5 processor because of the absence of the Turbo Boost technology. The Turbo boost technology increases the processor frequency on demand, which significantly speeds up the performance, for example, in case if you are trying to open several programs simultaneously. The core i3 processors have integrated memory controller and with  4GB of pre-installed system memory you have enough to load several programs simultaneously. The core i3-350M processor has 3MB of the cache memory to speed up the recently accessed memory to processor transfer. Built on 32 nm technology, the i3-35M has a  TDP power rating of 35 Watts.

Keyboard, mouse pad

Sony Viao series has been historically known to dole out one of the best notebook keypads that gives best user satisfaction level. The  keppads in the Sony VAIO VPCEB23FX/WI is not an exception.  The white color in the inside is a pleasure to eyes, though it may be a matter of personal preferences. The silvery white color actually means that the notebook is silver in color from outside and white from inside. If you plan to use this notebook heavily, the white color may get grey marks.

The silverish and whitish color will remind you of the  Macbooks – but of course at a substantially low price.

Hard Disk

Sony VAIO VPCEB23FX/WI comes with 320 GB hard disk.  The hard disk uses  Serial ATA-150 for transfer of data. If you are looking for 7200 rpm dis – you will be disappointed. The Sony VAIO VPCEB23FX/WI comes with 5400 rpm drive.

Battery and Battery Life

The Sony VAIO VPCEB23FX/WI laptop comes with  3500 mAh Lithium Ion battery that is supposed to last 3 hours and 30 minutes.  The 3.5 Ampere hour rating means that  if the notebook take 3.5 Ampere out of the battery, it will last for one hour.  The current trend has been to design notebooks with higher battery life – but 3.5 hour is just about enough for a common user in US where you can find a charging plug available ubiquitously.


The display in the Sony VAIO VPCEB23FX/WI is a 15.5″  widescreen TFT  with 1366 x 768  WXGA  resolution.  The screen is bright and colors are immaculate and distinct.  The graphics is driven by Intel HD. You will like to know that the intel’s i3-350 processor comes with integrated HD graphics controller. We encourage you to read more about the graphics capability of the intel i3-350M processor.

Weight and dimensions

The Sony VAIO VPCEB23FX/WI weighs about 6 lb and has dimensions of 14.6 in x 9.6 inch.  Its height is just 1.2 in making it one of the sleekest notebook that packs this much of power.

Ports and connectivity

The wired and wireless network connection in the Sony VAIO VPCEB23FX/WI are standard ( they come with almost every notebook today).  If you are looking for an integrated webcam you will not be disappointed.  It has 4 USB 2.0 ports. If you are looking for bluetooth connectivity you will be disappointed. However, it does come with HDMI output. It also comes with a an  ExpressCard slot.


Sony VAIO VPCEB23FX/WI  comes with Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium which is a standard offer with all notebooks in this category. It also comes with trial version Norton Internet Security 2010 – that lasts for 30 days. The best practice here will be to continue to use the Norton Internet Security for the first 30 days and then uninstall it. You may then like to install the free Antivirus available – for example AVG antivirus. The  Sony VAIO VPCEB23FX/WI laptop also comes pre installed with Microsoft Office 2010 Starter edition. There are several Sony software that come preinstalled including – VAIO Help and Support, VAIO Care, VAIO Media Gallery and Sony Picture Motion Browser. Personally I uninstalled all these to keep the notebook as clean as possible.

A word of caution

Several customers have complained about the quality of the internet wireless connection with the Sony VAIO VPCEB23FX. This has not been independently verified. The failure mechanism is that the vio loses internet connection once a while and the only solution to the problem is to reboot the system. Alternatively, it is possible that if you hook on a wired internet connection in place of the wireless connection you may have better chance of not getting disconnected with the wireless while surfing internet.

You will also like to note that the notebook does not feature bluetooth, just in case you plan to use it for connectivity with, say, for example with your iphone.

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  1. Wireless Issue
    October 27th, 2011 at 17:25 | #1

    I find very irritating Wireless Issue with this notebook. Whenever I am seeing youtube or downloading large file, the wireless internet gets disconnected. The only solution to this issue then is to turn off the computer and turn it on back. This kills a lot of the productivity time.

    If you are working on wired internet you should be fine.

  2. Amy
    January 20th, 2012 at 12:31 | #2

    You may like to uninstall the Intel Centrino Driver and then install the latest driver. This should fix the issue.