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Sony Vaio VPCF134FX/H Review – High end notebook

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Sony Vaio VPCF134FX/H aptly comes under the category of high end computer powered by Intel Quad core i7-740QM , nominally clocked at 1.73 GHz. It comes with a big 16.4″ LCD screen and has futuristic Blu Ray player. The inclusion of the discrete graphics Nvidia Geforce GT425M makes another compelling reason if you are gamer.

Sony has been known for its quality of the workmanship and durability of the product. While most notebooks come with similar configurations, sony usually have 5 to 10% higher priced. But, we have observed that in terms of quality and workmanship the sony deserves the 10% extra premium it commands. Let us take a look at the individual components that make up this notebook.


The quad core i7-740QM can be easily categorised as a high end processor with 4 cores and 1.73 MHz operating frequency. It has a relatively high 6 GB of cache. While 1.73 GHz may seem slow, the processor supports turbo boost, which can temporarily increase the clock frequency based upon the requirement. The rated maximum turbo frequency frequency of the Sony Vaio VPCF134FX/H is 2.93 GHz. Notice that not all cores get their turbo frequency increased to the max amount simultaneously. This will generate too much of heat for the processor to sustain. A decent processor makes Vaio VPCF134FX/H, an plus for the customer.

RAM and Hard Disk

The 4 GB RAM should be sufficient for most of the needs, however, high end notebooks, in $1K range have been found to come with 6GB RAM. This should typically not affect performance in general, but, in case you use several programs simultaneously that need large memory – like CAD programs, you may like to look for a notebook that comes with 6GB RAM. The hard disk comes with ample 640 GB RAM.

Display and Graphics

The 16.4″ display in the VPCF134FX/H is driven by Nvidia Geforce GT425M, which we can categorize as a high end graphics component. Based upon the fermi architecture Nvidia Geforce GT425M supports DirectX 11 and OpenGL 4.0.

The Blu Ray
Blu-Ray player is another plus point for the Sony Vaio VPCF134FX/H. It will not only allow you to access the DVD discs but will also allow you to see movies on a Blu Ray Disc.


Here are the list of the connectivity options available with Vaio VPCF134FX/H
– Three USB 2.0 ( one common with eSATA)
– an HDMI port for viewing content on external LCD TV
– VGA connector for displaying contents on an external LCD Monitor
– LAN, Ethernet connector
– IEEE 1394 Firewire connector

Other Features

The Sony Vaio VPCF134FX/H also comes with Bluetooth. An included webcam will let you do video chat with your friends and family. The 6-cell Lithium Ion battery will last close to 3 hour.

The notebook could be a good choice for you if you plan to use the HDMI, firewire and the Blu Ray player.

Bottom Line

– An office that is looking for increase in productivity may benefit by investing in a high end notebook. The time that it saves when you compile a program, may pay for the increased investment. For home computing environment, you generally do not need such powerful machine and you should be able to get something under $700, which will be sufficient for your requirements.

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