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Sony VAIO VPCYB 16KG Laptop Review

February 4th, 2011 Leave a comment Go to comments

Sony Y series laptops are always famous for their powerful features and perfect performance. There is another laptop added to this series as Sony VAIO VPCYB 16KG. This laptop is powered by latest AMD’s FUSION E-350 APU. This APU or Accelerator Processing Unit runs with two CPU cores at 1.6 GHZ. There is an added advantage with this processor with its integrated AMD Radeon HD 6310 Graphics processor. All these features are assuring great value for its price and packed with powerful performance.

AMD E-350 Zacate Processor Details:

AMD has come with an integrated CPU-GPU combination through “Fusion” technology initiative. Here, AMD’s aim is to offer improved balance along with efficient low power platform for a light and thin netbook and notebooks. This CPU code name is Zacate. Along with this new CPU, AMD is developing anew platform with a code name as “Brazos”.

The AMD E-350 Zacate Processor that powers Sony VAIO VPCYB 16KG is clocked at 1.6 GHz is quite tiny. The chip version is of higher-end 18watt chip and this is the reason to brand this as E-350 Fusion Processor too. The entire Fusion goodness will effectively perform at this 1.6GHz. This processor has dual “out of order” x86 cores built on a 40nm process technology with a total of 1MB of L2Cache. It means 512KB per core. This chip can support X86-64 extension along with sporting a 64-bit FPU in it. Its graphics core incorporated with a new generation UVD3 video decode block. Altogether this processor is a perfect choice for the current sleek netbooks and notebooks.

Sony VAIO VPCYB 16KG Laptop Details:

This laptop weighs around 1.4Kg and this light weight is assuring easy portability for a buyer. Sony Y series laptops are famous for more portability through light weight and this latest model also assured the same for the user. This laptop can be availed in three colors as Green, Pink and Silver. The input device keyboard for this laptop is arranged with isolated keys that are comfortable to type. The touchpad is quite responsive with multi-touch gestures facility.

This laptop is arranged with standard USB, Memory Card and audio features at its edges. This small laptop is also credited with one HDMI output port too. This HDMI out can allow you to connect with external media such as HD TV or some other games.

Sony VAIO Y series is famous for its sleek and ultraportable size. This laptop is expected to perform well over the currently available netbooks in the market. Most of the netbooks that are available in the market are powered through dual-core Atom CPU, but with this laptop it is powered through AMD FUSION E-350 APU. This APU details are clearly mentioned for you above and those details can assure you the more performance over the dual-core Atom CPU. Some of the tests clearly indicated that this laptop slightly powerful over the similarly configured ultraportable from Toshiba that is NB550D.


This laptop will be an ultimate choice in the ultraportables market. This would be an affordable choice over the netbooks through comparing the performance benefits. Perhaps, some people might find its price little high, but keeping in mind the powerful performance and long lasting ability, this would be an ideal choice for all. Importantly, the looks, feel and sleek design along with lesser weight will definitely tempt you to go with this laptop.

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  1. john k
    February 15th, 2011 at 09:15 | #1

    This review is such bull. Sony YB model is built with sub par materials compared to Sony’s more expensive laptops. If you ook at the specs compared to competitor like HP DM1z, it’s sub par in every categories: 5400 rpm HHD (7200 rpm pn HP), 3600mah battery (4400mah on HP), weak speaker (Altec Lansin on HP), 32bit Win7 (64bit on HP), and on top of the hefty price tag. The only good things come out of this Sony is that its pretty looking and the keyboard is lighted.

  2. John
    March 17th, 2011 at 09:21 | #2

    Owning one of these myself I do not agree with some of this review. I found the keys themselves too small, the spacing does not help. Touchpad is too small, Sound is dreadfully weak,the case is flimsy and would not survive a drop on the floor. The AMD APU is faster then a Atom duel core but its benefits only really show up in video playback. The fan runs constantly and hurts battery life even more with Sony’s weak choice for a battery. HP does offer better battery specs but I question their defect rates which are worse then Sony’s.