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Sony Viao VPC-EE31FX Laptop Review

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We chose to review the Sony Viao VPC-EE31FX, as this is one of the sub $500 notebook from a trusted brand. Sony Viao gets sales from repeat customers who value the quality of it build and that is one reason via has established itself as a brand which Sony did not change over the years even when the processors underwent significant advancements.

Key Feature

– AMD Athlon ii Dual Core P340 ( 2.20 GHz)
– 3 GB DDR3 memory
– 320 GB Hard drive
– 15.5 inch display
– Built in webcam
– Comes with HDMI output

We knowingly excluded 4 USB ports, CD/DVD burner and the Wired and Wireless ethernet ports from the list of the features that come in Viao VPC-EE31FX. These are included in almost every notebook, and so, there is little point in including them in the list of the “Key” Features. Additionally the Viao VPC-EE31FX also has a VGA Port, Digital Media Card reader and comes with Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium Edition.

Sony Viao VPC-EE31FX is available at $498 at the time of writing, and is, one of the best notebooks for the home makers who wish to use it for interner browsing, email checking, movie watching, chat and xl sheet editing. If you are a serious developer ( and you need to compile programs that take time to compile) or you wish to do a lot of video editing, I have a different opinion. You may prefer to go for a slightly better processor and 4 GB RAM for possibly $100 extra.

The AMD Athlon ii Dual Core P340 is not a bad processor. In fact, at 2.2 GHz, the two cores in the processor churn out great performance. It has integrated memory controller that improved the processor to memory communication speed. The Athlon ii P340 has HyperTransport Bus that makes communication with the periherals fast. The Athlon ii P340 has slighly better performance that the similarly clocked Intel Core 2 processors. However, it significantly trails in performance as compared to the Intel Core i5 processor and to some extent to the similarly clocked Intel COre i3 processors. If you are looking for performance computing we suggest you take a look at AMD Turion ii processor and the Intel core i5 processos. If you are more interested in the the processor, we encourage you to read the Athlon ii P340 processor review .

The processor performance are more often Hyper stressed. Variation is the processor performance is used as a marketing tool to confuse the customer, that leds them to look to the latest processor, even when they do not need it. Except for a class of high end gamers, developers ( who need to compile a lot of code), or a bunch of video enthusiasts, the majority DO NOT need the high end computing power.

With this clarity, we expect that for a casual notebook buyer Sony Viao VPC-EE31FX presents an exceptional value to customers.

It will be worthwhile to take a look at some of the other nbotebooks available in the sub $500 and a quick glance of what they have to offer.

– Dell Inspiron iM501R is priced at $498, employs the same AMD Athlon ii P340 processor, 3 GB DDR3 Memory, has Build in webcam, 320 GB Hard drive. You need to choose between a Dell or a Sony Viao Brand.

– HP G62-339WM is priced $20 less at $478. However, it is powered by AMD Athlon II P320 processor which has slightly lesser frequency at 2.1 GHz. Other specification are mostly same.

– Going by pure specification Acer Aspire AS5551-4200 impresses with its AMD Turion X2 Dual-Core P520 Processor ( which is significantly better that P340). It comes with Blu-Ray Disc Drive. If you can trust on Acer as a brand. The Acer Aspire AS5551-4200 is available at Walmart at a price tag of $498.

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