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Strauss Kahn Maid a high profile prostitute

The Maid working on in the hotel who accused International Monetary Fund chief Dominique Strauss’s Kahn of sexual encounter with was involved in prostitution. According to media reports, 32-year-old maid has a huge income that was just not possible with her job. Besides working at Sofitel Hotel she was also working in the sex trade.

Investigators also investigating heavily in his bank account – that are revealed to be large sums. According to sources, others used to carry her large expenses. The maid accused Kahn of sexual molestation at the hotel Cannes. The Kahn was arrested later on.

Strauss had told media that he did not do anything with force. Whatever happened was consensual. As soon as it was revealed this week that the maid is lying the case was resolved quickly. On Friday, Kahn was released. He also were allowed to go outside the U.S., although the trial will continue.

Strauss Kahn can return to politics

Straus Kahn can return to Politics with the 2012 election of the France in the Presidential Elections. Kahn was the most popular candidate for the Socialist part before May. The chances of his candidacy had died after the charges of the sexual encounter. With the charges of the encounter proving wrong, he can join back once again as the most popular candidate.

Socialist Party’s candidate to be decided soon.

After Kahn was drawn into the case, the Socialist Party begun its search for new candidates. The Socialist party plans to find its candidate by July 13. The next hearing of Kahn’ case will be held on July 18.

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