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Summer Infant Sleek and Secure Multi View Handheld Monitor (02520) Review and Price

About Summer Infant sleek and secure Multiview Handheld Monitor

Summer Infant Sleek and Secure MultiviewSummer Infant baby monitors are one of the top choices when it comes to buying baby monitor. The Summer Infant Sleek and Secure Multi View Handheld Monitor is the perfect device for parents who wanted to monitor 2 rooms or 2 children at the same time. There are 2 cameras equipped with this device without having to purchase the second one as an extra since it readily comes with the package. The video display screen of Summer Infant Sleek and Secure measures 2.5 inches in size, thus providing you with a large enough screen to visually see through your child in the room. It also comes with a black & white night vision feature for monitoring even during the night.

Summer Infant Sleek and Secure Handheld Monitor is built with a handheld design to provide you with more portability and ease of carrying around the parent unit such that you can go anywhere within its working range and still be able to monitor your child. The two-way intercom is truly a unique feature since it enables you to speak directly to the room where the compatible device is placed in.

The main feature with the Summer Infant Sleek and Secure Multi View Handheld Monitor 02520 is the ability to securely monitor your child. Meaning, there is no need for you to worry about other people with the same device possibly picking out the activity of your little one. There is also a unique Talk Back feature that will make it seem as though you are physically next to your child, even when you are taking care of other important things at home.

Pro’s of Summer Infant Handheld Monitor

*Summer Infant Sleek and Secure  Multi view comes with a superior quality and excellent range for the picture in a well lit room;

*It is built with a more secure monitoring via the 2.4 GHz Digital technology to ensure a secure and private connection;

*You can view a total of 4 cameras on a 4-way split screen for maximum monitoring capacity;

*The unique Talk Back feature enables you to speak to your baby even when you are not inside of its room;

*Although the video display screen is split 4-way, you have the ability to hold view in one particular room of your choice for up to 8 seconds.

Con’s of Summer Infant Handheld Monitor

*At $259 (price varies), Summer Infant Sleek and Secure Multiview is rather one of the most expensive baby monitors in the market. If you can afford that price tag though, then it would be a great buy.

*The night vision feature for the video monitor could be improved. It is still a bit grainy as compared to some other baby video monitors in the market.

*Some users have also complained about digital signal interference, particularly for those with cordless phones an wireless models at home. However, this only applies on a case-to-case basis and is not true for all.

The Bottom Line

The all new Summer Infant Sleek and Secure Multi Video Handheld Monitor 02520 is a great option for a monitoring device for your baby. Hence, it lets you do more things while also improving your monitoring capacity. An important thing to keep in mind though: it costs $259 ( Amazon) approx, so make sure you can afford it before going out to shop!

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