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Symptoms to identify how your data is being stolen or liable to threat while connected to internet

Security threats are of great concern for a PC in frequent contact with internet. You need to enable show internet icon on the task bar for quick watch on data transfer volumes. Randomly you can check the data sent and received. That data sent is negligibly low while browsing or downloading on the web. If the data sent volume reaches unusual amounts without any uploading activity performed by you on the web, it is sure that someone is stealing data from your PC.

Also you need to watch the icon on task bar after closing the browser window. Normally the icon computer screens need to stop glowing after a few seconds. If the icon continues to glow, there is a data transfer through unknown path without your permission or prior knowledge. Actually out of the two screens, the screen at the top indicates the data is sent while it is glowing. Screen at the bottom glows while data is received.

Always the infection begins from your unsafe web browsing actions. Advanced browser settings and cookie deletion options can prevent the malicious registry values and unknown programs from being added to your operating system drive. Once infected beyond the reach of antivirus application, you’re no longer secure on the web. Your connection speed also slows down due to unauthorized secondary data transfers. This always embarrasses you by causing unnecessary software errors while you’re working offline. Your online history and password can be easily monitored on a remote hacking computer. If this symptom is present on your system, it’s better to format the hard drive and reinstall your essential applications. Use advanced browser settings to prevent this happening for a second time. While installing new software it is better to uncheck automatic updates.

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