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2011 Honda CR-V Review and Prices

May 31st, 2010 2 comments

About 2011 Honda CR-V

A lot of the features present from last year’s release will be carried over to this year’s model. This means that the 2011 Honda CR-V will be equipped with the same styling, interior features, and engine performance, although this one comes with a slight power boost. But what else is in store here? Will the manufacturers succeed in reliving enthusiasm for the series?

Q. Any information about the release date of the 2011 Honda CR-V ?

A. There is no information yet available about the release date of the 2011 Honda CR-V. However, historically, it is launched in autumn, so expect 2011 Honda CR-V to appear around autumn 2010.

Q. Should I buy 2010 Honda CR-V or the 2011 Honda CR-V

A. The 2011 Honda CR-V will be better if you plan to sell in in like 2 of 3 year period.  The 2010 Honda CR-V will give some price advantage in the form of rebates.

Q. Any detail about the styling and the styling changes ?

A. The idea behind the styling and mechanical updates for the 2011 Honda CR-V is to maximize a buying market that might not be around after this year. For the most part, the styling for this year’s edition will mirror that of last year’s, which marks the styling approach for the current-generation CR-Vs.  Overall, the dimensions remain unchanged and it remains to belong to the smaller groups of compact SUVs. This, however, offers several benefits in terms of maneuverability and parking.

Q. Any detail about the mechanical and power figure ?

A. On the mechanical aspect of the vehicle performance, there were some issues met. The 2.4-liter, four-cylinder engine used on the 2011 Honda CR-V model enjoyed as much as 14 horsepower increase, bringing the total maximum up to 180 and up to 161 lb-ft torque. This is already quite competitive if you were to place it against some of its closest rivals.

Q. Who are the competitors of the 2011 Honda CR-V

A.  The Honda CR-V faces stiff competition from 2011 Ford Escape, 2011 Toyota Venza, 2011 Nissan Rogue and 2011 Toyota Rav-4 . You may

Pro’s of 2011 Honda CR-V

*This vehicle model would not require much of assisting or handling help as it delivers efficient traction.

*It delivers reliable control.

*Styling comes with a feminine feel to it.

*Although the vehicle is compact in size, it does offer enough room inside for a comfort ride.

Con’s of 2011 Honda CR-V

*The acceleration capacity for this vehicle model is one of its most potent weakness.

*Buyers will appreciate it if the manufacturer could bring in more power for the engine.

Pricing Details

The prices for the 2011 Honda CR-V models will be announced in the middle of this year. We may expect some  generous pricing for this mode. But if sales leadership were to be based on, then one could expect that there won’t be much of price adjustment for this year’s model.

Pricing for the base model should start at $22,700 for the vehicles equipped with front-wheel drive. Meanwhile, those with an all-wheel drive system is priced slightly higher at $23,900.

The Bottom Line

The CR-V lineup has been around for sometime and consumers are indeed searching for a more refreshing take on the largest selling SUV lineup. And that is certainly what you’ll find with the 2011 Honda CR-V, which is why this might be one of the best compact crossover SUV currently on sale. For the most part, it will serve more like a rerun of the 2010 model but certainly packs more power that makes it worthy for the price point.