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Toyota RAV4 2011 Review and Price

April 28th, 2010 1 comment

The 2011 Toyota RAV4 was officially revealed during the 2010 Geneva Motors Show. And now, car fanatics are slowly getting more information about this brand new car model to watch out for from one of the industry’s leading auto manufacturers. To see whether this is a must-have for this new year, find out more below.

About Toyota RAV4 2011

In order to fully understand the wide range of features for 2011 Toyota RAV4, let’s look at each of them closely. In terms of design and styling, this one is basically a redesign for the earlier models of Toyota RAV4 series that offers a chrome-accented front design that delivers sophistication. When you examine the interior, it is equipped with the Easy Flat seating system to ensure that the passenger remains fully relaxed throughout the ride. However, you will notice that this one offers a wider stance a more compact version of  SUV. The seat upholstery is made out of leather/Alcantara for durability and for more aesthetic appeal.

There are options for 2WD and 4WD, which also determine the type of engine that your vehicle is equipped with. But still, this one is equipped with the Toyota Optimal Drive technology to reduce fuel consumption and emissions. It also comes with multidrive S and manual transmission to adjust to the driver’s skill level and make your driving experience more efficient. In addition, you can choose from four grades for this vehicle model that will determine the choice of engine – UP1, UP2, Premium, and Leather/Alcantara.

Toyota RAV4 2011 Pro’s

*Toyota RAV4 2011 comes with a sophisticated exterior design that is well complimented by superb interior!

*It still boasts the image of durability that this famous car manufacturer has been delivering to the market for years.

*There are up to ten body colors to choose from, enabling you to pick one that would suit your own personality.

*It offers car buyers the opportunity to ride a vehicle marketed with sustained mobility and eco-friendly engine technology.

Toyota RAV4 2011 Con’s

*Apart from the exterior style and a few additional features, there does not seem to be a standout feature that would distinguish the 2011 edition of Toyota RAV4 from other models in the series.

The Bottom Line

The Toyota Optimal Drive technology is what sets this model and all other models in the Toyota RAV4 series remain competitive in the market. It’s skillful combination of wide-ranging technologies and practical features that would deliver comfort and efficiency to its driver. For all of these desirable features, then Toyota RAV4 is one of the must-have new vehicles for 2011.