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Pentax Optio W90 review

May 17th, 2010 No comments

Pentax Optio W90 Looking for a waterproof, dustproof, shockproof and cold proof digitalcamera? Pentax optio W90 fulfills all your requirements because it is an error free camera that you can submerge in up to 6 meters of water, can be used in temperature as cold as -10°C and can be dropped from a height of 1.2 meters. Pentax optio is a 12 megapixels camera consists of 5x zoom lens and focal length ranging from 28-140 mm. The other features include shooting of HD movie at 1280×720 pixels at 30 frames per second, macro and digital microscope modes of 1 cm, LCD screen of 2.7 inch, face detection system with an upgraded level and triple anti-shake protection for the avoidance of unwanted camera shake. The cost of Pentax Option W90 is £269.99 / $299.95 and is available in black and green color.

Pentax optio W90 comes into the category of indestructible compact cameras with not only waterproof features but also shock proof and dust proof. Its strong competitor in this regard is Olympus’ Mju Toug but with the economical price Pentax optio W90 stands tall amongst all of its competitors.

Combination of 1 cm macro mode with digital zoom function of  Pentax optio W90 make it easy for the users to have a detailed shot of microscopic objects. So people looking forward for the butterfly or rock collection feels this camera as a special teat for them. The only drawback comes in this regard is the resolution drop to 2.1 megapixels as a result of this combination and presentation of image in 16:9 widescreen ratio rather than the default ratio of 4:3.

Another extraordinary feature of Pentax optio W90 is its face detection technique for the easy recognition of cats and dogs. It also increases the chances of achieving a usable animal portrait. A good feature of Pentax optio W90 is the effective resolution of 12.1 megapixels with a larger than average 5x optical zoom with a focal length range of 28-140 mm.

The most interesting feature for the users is the addition of HDMI output for attaching the camera to a flat panel TV. Use of a widescreen LCD in Pentax optio W90 is based on the inclusion of a functionality due to which an image captured previously can be put in the top left hand corner of the screen and the subsequent image can be taken by the user.

If you have any doubts about the toughness of Pentax optio W90, it is important to note that it is inspired by Casio’s shock-proofed G-Shock watches. The manly screw heads available on the brushed metal faceplate shows that it contains the same feeling in a building site as well as in a beach. Its elongated shape provides the feeling of a camera phone so when given a consideration for looking then   Pentax optio W90 certainly comes on the top. To automatically boost the shutter speed it deploys the software when taking a low light photography. There is a self explanatory playback button beneath the zoom rocker that provides a familiar pairing of controls.

Nikon Coolpix L22 12.1MP Digital Camera Review

May 4th, 2010 1 comment

About Nikon Coolpix L22 12.1MP Digital Camera

Nikon has always been a top name in the digital camera industry, especially in DSLRs. But if you are looking for an entry-level camera that is reliable, functional, and top-of-the-line, then it is suggested you take a closer look into Nikon Coolpix L22 12.1MP digital camera. It has consistenly performed up to expectations and this one is no different as is evidenced by the wide range of features.

The body itself measures 8 x 4 x 6 inches in dimension, with a bright 3-inch LCD display to allow you to view your captures in real time. Aside from offering a 12.1 megapixel resolution for the photos, it also comes with a 3.6 zoom capacity and a 3-way VR Image Stabilization System to make sure all the photos you’ve taken are clear, crisp, and blur-free.

Nikon Coolpix L22 12.1MP Digital Camera

For newbies who are not used to handling and operating digital cameras, Nikon Coolpix L22 12.1MP digital camera comes with an Easy Mode that automatically chooses the right shooting mode depending on the shooting situation.

The control buttons are properly sized to ensure that you can easily navigate and operate the commands available to choose from. The body comes with proper contour wherein you can firmly grip with your hands without requiring constant adjustment. And the design is aesthetic enough for you to proudly carry this one around.

Pro’s of Nikon Coolpix L22 12.1MP Digital Camera

*There are several new functions to enhance your picture-taking experience, as well as boost the quality of the images and videos you capture.

*It utilizes the EXPEED image processing engine and the exclusive  image processing concept from Nikon to provide a wide range of shooting features.

*There is enough balance of features for beginners to easily navigate and explore, and for skilled photographers to deliver quality shots.

*There is an image stabilization system to detect subject movement to minimize or eliminate blurring.

*It is powered by AA size batteries to ensure that the device has enough energy to capture photos over a long period of time without suddenly running out of battery or power.

*It comes with an ingenious design that masterfully combines functionality and beauty.

Con’s of Nikon Coolpix L22 12.1MP Digital Camera

*Aside from offering some improvements on most of the features, there is truly nothing here that would make the product stand out from all other digital cameras in the Nikon product line.

The Bottom Line

Whether you want something that can produce professional-quality photos, clear video files, or simply something that is reliable enough to capture all of life’s greatest moments, then you simply cannot go wrong with Nikon Coolpix L22 12.1MP digital camera. Nothing that looked so good could also deliver great photos!

Nikon D300S Camera review

November 10th, 2009 2 comments

However, Nikon has proven itself to be one of the top quality and has carved a name for it even. With excellent new features, specifications, and better quality of image Nikon D300s this is one camera that you will be proud of carrying with you.

You will be able to get pictures of professional quality with this Nikon D300s, whether you are taking pictures as a hobby or by profession. The Nikon D300S model from has earned rave reviews from critics and Digital Camera professionals. This camera is different model from the D300. However, the Nikon D300s is more of upgraded model of D300 and extension of its predecessor. It is not something built from scratch.

Nikon D300s adds movie mode that was not available in its digital camera model D300 predecessor. This allows you to record up to 720p HD quality video at 24 fps in Motion JPEG format.It also comes with stereo sound quality that is great to listen.

There is a live view function in D300S that can be accessed through video recording. It is now possible to use the dedicated live view button located at the D300S rear. There is a  Quiet Release feature thae enables you to cope with different sounds coming from various shooting environments. This allows us to get the best possible audio for your all kinds of recording.

As far as the design is concerned,  Nikon D300s comes with specifications that that is very close to its predecessor D300S. The camera body is made with Magnesium alloy frame. The grip is made with  rubberized panels. The view finder of D300 is very good with a 100-percent frame coverage

The camera utilizes Active D-lighting feature that helps this digital camera deliver better looking images.  There is a good balance in color with Standard setting . You may also switch onto the Vivid Mode to make the pictures more lively. The detail and sharpness of the image produced is impressive.

On final note, the camera offers value for its price practical. This will be one of the factors that will govern the camera buying choice.  The drop in the price of the camera make it a lucrative buying choice. The camera will let you produce pictures of professional quality at a price you can afford.

Sony cybershot DSc-W290 Review

October 30th, 2009 No comments

The good: wide-angle, 5x zoom lens, good price-to-feature ratio, adequately priced, high resolution video.

The bad: No optical zoom while recording video; Needs Memory stick duo

Resolution: 12.1 megapixels
Optical zoom: 5 x

The Sony Cyber-shot DSC-W290was launched in  in February 2009. At the time of launch it was priced  priced at  $250. It has  a wide-angle lens with a 5x zoom, 12-megapixel resolution, some of Sony’s advanced automatic shooting options, HD video capture, and a 3-inch LCD. But the price has dropped since then and you can get this camera at $199 now as of Oct 30, 2009.

Well, as with most point-and-shoot cameras of its caliber, the photo quality from the W290 is pretty good for all homely and semi profession photographers. If  you take into account its attractive price tag, the W290 is a good bargain.

Overall performance of the W290 is very good. Startup to first shot is a relatively brisk 1.3 seconds. Shutter lag in good lighting was a fairly average 0.4 second; in more difficult dim lighting, it went up to 0.7 second. Without the flash on you’ll be waiting an average of 2.3 seconds between shots, which only jumps up to 2.7 seconds with the flash on. Lastly, the W290 turned in an impressive burst speed of 2.1 frames per second.

At less than $200,  the color and exposure were particularly pleasing and accurate.

The video quality of this camera is  good. However, the 5x zoom does not work in video mode. The cable to view the video on a HDTV is not supplied. I think you will need to buy a proprietary cable to connect it to HDTV.

Unless you are concerned about the professional level quality, it’s a great pocket camera at a reasonable price with a solid combination of features, usability, and design.

What to do when buying a Digital Camera

February 6th, 2009 No comments

Lat updated on May 27, 2011.

Megapixel – Megapixel in a Digital camera refers to the resolution – the higher the better. To exaggerate the effects of the resolution, look at the following two pictures one at higher resolution and other at lower resolution.

Now a days any decent digital camera rarely come with less than 4 Megapixels (But you may still find few people hanging around with this lower resolution older camera). A 4 Megapixel camera is good enough for 8″ x 10″ print. But if you occasionally want higher size print you may want to consider 6 to 10 Megapixel camera. A 6 Megapixel camera is good enough for 11″ x 14″ print.

Optical Zoom – Using optical zoom you can bring a far object near. In other words you can take the picture of the face of a person even id he is standing far away. Most of the point and shoot camera come with 3x Optical zoom. If it does not has a optical zoom, it will be cheaper. Usually you will like to have a minimum 3x optical zoom. But, if you really want to have a very cheap camera, and you do not want ability to capture “far” images, you may do without optical zoom.

Most cameras also have digital zoom. The digital zoom is same as editing the photo by cutting out a part of the picture. The digital zoom lowers the photo quality and should not be considered at all when buying a camera.

Computer Connectivity – Most digital Cameras now a days connect using the USB Card. Look for the Camera that does not require any special software to get connected to computer. In other words. Your camera is recognised similar to a USB Flash card. The advantage – you can connect the taken picture on any computer, without the need to install the driver software. It is not a binding requirement. This is my personal opinion.

Memory Card – Most Cameras need External Memory Card to store the pictures. These are either MMC, SD, Compact Flash or rarely in built. You should be ptrepared to pay extra $20 or so for the memory card. The important thing here is if you want to store the video and if so for how long. Now a days most cameras come with decent Video capabilities. A 2 GB Card will normally hold about 40 minutes ( ? ) of VGA qaulity video.

Video Mode- Now a days most of the Cameras come with video capability. If you want video capabilty check that it has audio capture capability. You must also check the highest resolution of the Video quality. The video quality varies higly from camera to camera. You must read the reviews on the internet if video quality is a concern.

Battery and Battery Charger – All digital cameras need rechargeable batteries. Look for the Battery life of the battery. The higher the better. In my view the important thing to note is, if they provide a battery charger with the camera or not. If they do not provide battery charger, be prepared to pay additional $15 for battery charger. Personally I like a design where we do not need to take out the battery and there is a socket in the camera with a supplied charger.

Other Concerns Pricing is something you are always going to be concerned about. For video, you will also look for ability to display video on TV. Slim cameras fit into pocket but cost slightly more.