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Toshiba 55VX700U HDTV Review

February 5th, 2011 2 comments

Toshiba 55VX700U is a 55 inch HDTV in the Toshiba’s VX700U-series HDTVs. The Toshiba 55VX700U gives out sharp and clear pictures on its big 55 inch screen. One of the best features of the Toshiba 55VX700U is the built in Wi-Fi access so you can access the Internet Application without the need of any additional plugin or wire.

These internet applications include the Netflix Streaming, Vudu Movies, Internet Radio, Twitter, Facebook or the Flicker.

Toshiba 55VX700U has LED backlight which gives out brighter pictures. Its 120 Hz refresh rate ensures the blur free vide even with the fast moving scenes.

As part of the Toshiba 55VX700U review we present you a concise list of the key specifications and features.

– 54.6″ diagonal screen
– Built in Wifi
– 120 Hz Refresh Ration
– 5,000,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio
– Built in TV tuner ( But almost all TVs come with it)
– LED edge backlit
– DLNA Compliant – stream content of your netbook and PC through DLNA wifi.
– Decent Audio with 2 10 Watts Speakers.

Toshiba 55VX700U presents itself as one of the best 55 inch HDTV available in the market, at a price you can afford. As you can see, its integrated wifi, high contrast ration and 120 Hz refresh rate makes it a decent choice. As far as the input and the connections are concerned, here is the complete list

– 4 HDMI Input
– 1 Component Video Input
– PC VGA Input to connect your PC to the HDTV
– RF Input for the Antenna or Cable TV
– Ethernet LAN connector for networking
– USB connectivity
– Audio Optical digital input and output

You may however also like to check Samsung brand with similar size and feature and compare the prices. Samsung has started to become more popular with its affordable prices and decent picture quality.

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LG 32LD350 LCD TV: Harness the luxury of 1080p with a 720p TV

December 31st, 2010 No comments

LG has clear motto for providing quality TV experience for its common consumers while making this 32” amazing display unit. The satisfied customers are now the strong advocates for this TV. A beginner or an ever time TV enthusiast equally says this TV really worth the value of money they are paying for it. The watching experience is better even under high black image situations because of the high dynamic contrast ratio. This can defeat other low cost models of same size with the excellent performance offered from LG.
LG 32LD350 television is really like a magic box with the facilities for different modes of viewing. LG knows the image processing needs are totally different with different contexts of images. Separate film, game and sports modes are available in preset AV modes. The interactive menu system in LG 32LD350 offers simple ways to adjust the image properties like brightness, contrast, tint etc…The TV is energy saving and compatible with the IFSccc standards.

The energy button on the remote allows you to turn on/off the energy saving mode. This is a cool feature and protects you from over running the backlight to higher brightness levels. This TV can handle the 1080p signals better even LG says it is 720p. The excellent display results for gaming applications like play station exemplifies this. This allows you to use this TV as a computer monitor with high picture clarity.

The audio system is capable of processing Dolby digital signals and outputs you the crystal clear surround voice. The audio system comprise of two 7W speakers (2 x 7 = 14W) which is free from noise disturbance. You need to turn on the auto volume feature while using the clear voice II in LG. The dialogues can be clearly audible from the background music, making film viewing with a theatre like experience.

The remote has one touch feature for displaying most frequently used settings in a circular popup menu. The remote is optimum sized with simplicity in design. The keys are resistant to frequent use damage to a great extent by wear free designing. The mounting screws and slots for fitting the TV on walls of your room are of standard size. This makes it is easier to collect those from the local hardware shop if you lose it unexpectedly.

The dynamic contrast ratio of LG 32LD350 comes about 50,000:1. This ensures higher view experience with any dish service provider offering HD broadcast service. The picture wizard is capable of handling diverse range of inputs and different frame rates. This TV is ideal for your bedroom or for small apartments where space is a constraint before you. The price on Amazon for LG 32LD350 comes around 339.99$ now. At beginning it was about 400$. So this may be a good time for making a deal. The warranty is for a period of 1 year from the date of purchase. This can be extended to 3 years with an additional 48$. You can decide whether to purchase additional 2 year warranty or not within 180 days from the date of purchase.

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Vizio M550NV Razor LED Backlit LCD HDTV Review

December 28th, 2010 No comments

Vizio M550NV Razor LED Backlit LCD HD television is the latest television with high definition capabilities available for $1300 at the time of writing. This television has 54 inches display and uses LCD television display technology complemented by LED backlit display technology for better viewing experience. This television has the full high definition capabilities thus it can provide 1080 pixel resolution video viewing option to the user.

Key Features

– Full HD 1080p resolution (1920 x 1080 pixels)
– 120 Hz refresh rate, that reduces motion blur
– 450 nits brightness level – good for viewing even in good daylight condition
– Wired and Wireless connectivity

A note on the size and viewing distance

The Vizio M550NV has 54 inch diagonal size, which at 16:9 aspect ratio translates to 47 inch width. We generally recommend that you sit at about a distance at least twice the width of the TV for a comfortable viewing experience. This turns out to be a distance of about at least 8 feet. If the dimensions of the room in which you will be placing this TV is such that you will be less than 8 feet from TV, we recommend that you consider smaller TV. Bigger us not always better. For a more comfortable and eye relaxing, we recommend viewing at a distance thrice the width of the TV – which translates to about 12 ft distance.

The backlight in the Vizio M550NV, is edge lit and not the array. It means that the LED emits the light from the edges of the TV. This design ensures a slimmer design, however, one side effect of the edge lit is the no uniform illumination across the TV.

The LED backlit TVs have higher brightness which is demonstrated in the brightness specification at 450 nits another unit for candela/m2. The modest brightness will let you watch the TV in indoor daylight without giving dull appearance. If you plan to see a lot of TV in the day time and a lot of light enters your windows we recommend you read our article on HDTV brightness.

The dynamic contrast ratio of this television can scale up to 1, 000, 000 : 1. Although we do not have a way to compare the contrast ratio of the different TVs, since we do not know the methods used to measure the contrast ratio, this 1,000,000:1 is definitely at high end for an LCD TV. We recommend that you read more about contrast ratio figure and what it means for you.

This television also has built in wireless capabilities thus this can be made as a part of the small wireless network that the user can setup in their home and share contents over the wireless network Vizio M550NV Razor LED Backlit LCD HD television also has VIZIO Internet applications through which the user can access Internet on their television, there are online photo albums, video libraries and social networking sites to which the user can get connected via the applications that are present. This television also has the SRS sound studio feature thus it gives the user the full audio feel and also complements the good video quality that the television offers, making it an ultimate television in terms of performance. The wireless standard that is supported by this television is IEEE 802.11 n, this television is also energy star compliant and also it is mercury free. In simple words this television is environment friendly and eco friendly.

Vizio M550NV Razor LED Backlit LCD HD television has the ambient light sensor technology which adjusts the brightness value based on the amount of lighting that is present in the room where the user has placed the television and provides the best quality video. The maximum resolution of the video that can be displayed on this television is 1920 X 1080 pixels. This television can take various inputs like USB, PC, component video, composite video, HDMI, RF input and Ethernet RJ45 input ports. There are output ports for digital audio output port and analog audio output port. There are two speakers that are integrated into the television and also this television has totally four HDMI input ports. The power consumed by this television during operating conditions is 125 watts. This television can take ATSC, QAM and NTSC input signals.

The screen refreshing rate of this television is 120 hertz that is two times that of the standard refreshing rate which is 60 hertz for most of the LCD televisions. The 120 Hz refresh rate has almost become standard in the newer LCD TVs and it does enhances the viewing experience. We recommend that you read our article on 60 Hz Vs 120 Hz refresh rate.

The aspect ratio supported by this television is 16 : 9, this television gives ultimate viewing experience and also since the screen size measures 55 inches, the user gets almost same experience as what they will get when they are watching movies in theaters. Simply this is the best buy this year for anyone who wants a good LCD television in their home.

Vizio M550NV Pros

– 120 Hz refresh rate
– Bluetooth remote control – so you do not have to point it to TV
– Remote has full QWERTY keyboard
– Full HD resolution
– Wireless connectivity

Vizio M550NV Cons
– Sound is not extraordinary, so you may need a sound bar
– As is Edge Lit, it suffers from uniform brightness issue. Not very visible for a casual viewer.

Vizio M550NV Ratings

As part of the review, we bring out how this TV has been rated by other reviewers and users. We collect a lot of data, combine it and give out to you the combined rating.

Amazon has a 11 5-star, 3 4-star and 2 2-star ratings giving it an average of 4.43 out of 5 or 8.86 out of 10 rating

Test Freaks gives it 9.3 out of 10 rating

Cnet users gave 4 4.5-star and 1 5-star rating giving an average of 4.6 out of 5 or 9.2 out of 10 rating.

The Table shows the ratings and the average of Vizio TV

Table : Vizio M550NV Ratings

Place Rating
cnet 9.2
Amazon 8.86
Test Freaks 9.3
Average Score 9.12

We can say with confidence that customers have a decent level of faith in the quality of the Vizio MN550NV and starredreviews, therefore recommends this TV for its price in this size.

If you are still planning to buy a TV and need to know different factors that you need to know before buying a TV, we recommend that you go through the following HDTV terms to familiarize yourself.

Other TVs in the size and price ratio

We also looked at Mitsubishi LT-55154, which is slightly more expensive ( $1500 Vs $1300 for Vizio ), and there is either not enough user rating or we have lower rating than the Vizio MN550NV.

We do recommend that you take a look at Samsung LN55C650, another 55-Inch TV whoch also has 120 Hz refresh rate. It is priced around $1400 at the time of writing,

The LG 55LD520 is another worth looking 55-Inch 1080p TV that has great user feedback and rating. Priced very competitively under $1300 at the time of writing.

For the Sony, we have BRAVIA KDL55EX7, which, about which we do not have enough data and user feedback.

Besides these, you may also like to explore other 55 inch TVs available in your nearest store or online. Be sure to check the reviews before you decide and buy.

Dynamic Contrast Ratio – Understanding HDTV terms

December 22nd, 2010 No comments

Contrast ratio is one among the many factors deciding the successful viewer satisfaction. Due to the market competition, manufacturers are using hyper inflated numbers as a marketing tool to make the customers believe that their product has best specifications. This is especially true for the contrast ratio number. You need to keep a rational approach while reading the Contrast Ratio number in selecting a new HDTV.

In simple words, the contrast ratio measures the capability of your HDTV to display bright and dark portions of the image or movie you are watching – distinctively. For example, while viewing a movie shot with high illumination scenery, the high quality TV can clearly distinguish all the image portions – including the darker potions of the image. The chance for occurring grey blotches on dark portions of image is low in high contrast television display.

Contrast ratio is usually expressed as fractional. A contrast ratio of 100000:1 means the TV can display white portion of the image with luminance 100000 times dark portions of image.

There are two different ways a contrast ratio is expressed – One is dynamic contrast ratio and the other is static contrast ratio. In dynamic contrast ratio the screen is first made completely white and the luminance level is measured. Next, the screen is made completely black and the luminance level is measured again. The ratio of these two numbers is the dynamic contrast ratio.
In static contrast ratio, the TV screen is divided in 16 rectangles with alternate black and white portions. A luminance meter is places in front of the white rectangle and its luminance level is measured. This is repeated for the black rectangle. The ratio of these two numbers is the static contrast ratio. ANSI contrast ratio is static contrast ratio.

Measuring ANSI Contrast ratio

ANSI or static contrast ratio is measured by measuring luninance in front of the black and the wite rectangles in a chekered display.

Dynamic contrast ratio gives out a higher number and that is the reason you will find this number mentioned in the specification details of most of the TV manufacturers. Unfortunately, Dynamic contrast ratio does not represent the real life TV viewing – it just represents one aspect. As a viewer, you will be able to clearly see that a 20:1 contrast ratio is better than a 10:1 contrast ratio. Now move on this number to 200:1 Vs 100:1, the difference becomes less marked. If you further move on to 200,000:1 Vs 100,000:1, you will probably be not able to make the difference with naked eyes.

The scenario is complicated by the fact that there is no uniform way of measuring the Dynamic contrast ratio. The presence of even slight light will reduce the measured value of the dynamic contrast ratio. Obviously, manufacturers quote the numbers measured in full dark conditions. The matter is further complicated by the fact that the manufacturers may “trick” the TV to give out “extreme black” in “dark condition”, by potentially turning the backlight completely off when measuring the dark level of luminance. Obviously, comparing the dynamic contrast ratio figures between two manufacturers are not meaningful. Possibly, the best use of the Dynamic contrast ratio number is to compare it between two model s of the same manufacturer.

You also need to notice the contrast settings on the television set by default while purchasing it. You can adjust it by accessing the display properties of the television set. Try to adjust manually the contrast value. Compare this with the default factory settings available on the HDTV. Use visual judgment to compare different brands because different brands and different customers have varying tastes on display clarity. The sales people always use the blue ray disc supplied by the manufacturer to demo the product before you. So you need to try another standard DVDs (both high and low quality movies) available in shops to make the final purchase decision. Actually the DVD comes from the manufacturer is maximum adaptable to their TV only. Better performance under poor and moderate input signal is the indication of high quality HDTV product.

You may also like to compare two HDTVs displaying same pictures side by side. Make sure that the display setting is in default condition in both the TVs. Try to judge the quality of the display with visual inspection as a casual viewer. Keep in mind the contrast ratio number, but do not get blinded by these numbers.

Resources :

1. One of the best resources about the Contrast ratio comes from Home Theater Guide. We encourage you to go through this text explaining contrast ratio, its relevance to eye and real life viewing experience.

2. Wikipedia has some decent text about definitions of the Contrast ratio, Dynamic contrast ratio and the effect of room light on contrast ratio number.

This text was written with the intention of helping the readers understand the Contrast Ratio when reading the HDTV reviews.

Toshiba 40E200U HDTV review

April 26th, 2010 1 comment

This 40″ Toshiba model number 40E200U LCD HDTV features a 1080p HD resolution. This resolution is twice the pixel resolution of 720p HD models. Obviously this is a great buy at around $650 at amazon. The key feature include 60 Hz refresh resolution, Dyna Backlight control (adjust the backlight intensity according to the brightness of each video frame) to give you optimum video quality.


* It has four HDMI Inputs
* The resolution is 1080P Resolution
* Does contain Gaming Mode
*Supports  PC Input
This model is also available at  for $599 with free shipping. If you apply Coupon code “40E200U” the cost reduces to $539. Starredreviews has not checked the credibility of and you will be using your own discretion to check credibility of BuyDig.