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LG 32LD350 LCD TV: Harness the luxury of 1080p with a 720p TV

December 31st, 2010 No comments

LG has clear motto for providing quality TV experience for its common consumers while making this 32” amazing display unit. The satisfied customers are now the strong advocates for this TV. A beginner or an ever time TV enthusiast equally says this TV really worth the value of money they are paying for it. The watching experience is better even under high black image situations because of the high dynamic contrast ratio. This can defeat other low cost models of same size with the excellent performance offered from LG.
LG 32LD350 television is really like a magic box with the facilities for different modes of viewing. LG knows the image processing needs are totally different with different contexts of images. Separate film, game and sports modes are available in preset AV modes. The interactive menu system in LG 32LD350 offers simple ways to adjust the image properties like brightness, contrast, tint etc…The TV is energy saving and compatible with the IFSccc standards.

The energy button on the remote allows you to turn on/off the energy saving mode. This is a cool feature and protects you from over running the backlight to higher brightness levels. This TV can handle the 1080p signals better even LG says it is 720p. The excellent display results for gaming applications like play station exemplifies this. This allows you to use this TV as a computer monitor with high picture clarity.

The audio system is capable of processing Dolby digital signals and outputs you the crystal clear surround voice. The audio system comprise of two 7W speakers (2 x 7 = 14W) which is free from noise disturbance. You need to turn on the auto volume feature while using the clear voice II in LG. The dialogues can be clearly audible from the background music, making film viewing with a theatre like experience.

The remote has one touch feature for displaying most frequently used settings in a circular popup menu. The remote is optimum sized with simplicity in design. The keys are resistant to frequent use damage to a great extent by wear free designing. The mounting screws and slots for fitting the TV on walls of your room are of standard size. This makes it is easier to collect those from the local hardware shop if you lose it unexpectedly.

The dynamic contrast ratio of LG 32LD350 comes about 50,000:1. This ensures higher view experience with any dish service provider offering HD broadcast service. The picture wizard is capable of handling diverse range of inputs and different frame rates. This TV is ideal for your bedroom or for small apartments where space is a constraint before you. The price on Amazon for LG 32LD350 comes around 339.99$ now. At beginning it was about 400$. So this may be a good time for making a deal. The warranty is for a period of 1 year from the date of purchase. This can be extended to 3 years with an additional 48$. You can decide whether to purchase additional 2 year warranty or not within 180 days from the date of purchase.

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